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  1. People choice says:

    I nee more explanation about how u sent ur phone number and how u get imformation on it

  2. daniel says:

    Dat nyc

  3. Anonymous says:

    i luv dis site ova

  4. Ibrahim james nagarta says:

    Pls gidifans i’m sincerely seeking 4 ur absolute help towards the examination.

  5. mr nice says:

    pls bro we nid d answer 30min b4 d exam start abeg no let us fail abeg pls post it online plzzz

  6. Daniel says:

    Gidipals i love want u are doin keep it up but it will more easy if you post the answer a day b4 the exam

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yea it true before the exam abeg

  8. oladipupo says:

    pls we nid civics answer quickly

  9. michael says:

    His it must dat u must subcribe wit an mtn line can’t u use airtel becos am using airtel bt I we send the mtn card and put my airtel line reply plss

  10. Masterplanna2 says:

    Yap bro we nid d answer 30mins after d exam pls help us and make it snappy may we no fail oo

  11. enilezy says:

    dis site make sense

  12. prince says:

    tank u ooo , am realy grateful

  13. emPhizzy says:

    Wow..dat absolutely sweet,,we nid it mre quicker during d day of our civic education

  14. kenny says:

    My Frnd Told Me Abt Dis Website But Did Nt Belive Her So 1 Day I Checked Dis Website I Was Lyk Is Deir Sumtin Lyk Dis Sha And Pls I Need Al Answer B4 Examination Am A Seince Student Pls Post Dis B4 Exam Start Pls Pls Pls Let Us Make Dis Ssce Dis Years Send It So I Can Tel More People Abt Dis Website

  15. Liatu emma says:

    Pls we nid ur help and god help post d answer 30mins b4 d exam

  16. Immanuel says:

    Please when upload answers questions should be upload first, so that candidates can have idea of expected answers.

  17. Immanuel says:

    Answers should be upload an hour before the exam.

  18. Bunmi says:

    Plz kindly shw us d ansas,wat u’re demanding z much….we’re students…..please sir show us d answers.

  19. vicky says:

    pls pls and pls make una help us o,no body won fail. it was one of my friend that told me about Dis website I Neva believed it until I saw it my self it was like a miracle keep it up but no 4get o

  20. vicky says:

    pls pls and pls make una help us o,no body won fail.

  21. danny says:

    help us o

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please i kakalito z proud to comment bcos i pass my waec last year iam so happy

  23. Phemmy says:

    Pls Help Me On Civic Education Nd Yoruba Pls Ooo May God Help U Too Post It Be4 Exam Started Pls Sir…

  24. YOUNG-D says:

    Truely i am very happy for dis website dat help student with some answer and we are apriciate dis web to put more effort and link us with the answer a day b4 the exam thanks gidifans

  25. abdulafeez says:

    gidifans u at d best bt pls hep us to post civic education a day b4 exam

  26. olamide says:

    a day b4 d exam pls send d answer

  27. sharhabest says:

    hlo pals plz and plz we all here want answer 30mint bfor the exam start plz help us as GOD help u too plz plz plz may GOD help us both ameen

  28. BAMIDELE BARMS says:


  29. tommy says:

    did website is gud

  30. Baddoo says:

    Pls Gidi we need de answer 30 minutes b4 the exam

  31. azubike says:

    a friend of told me about dis site and i love it plz ur help thanks

  32. chibuike says:

    gidifans make una keep it up even if i no get data but if possible make una dey put de answer b4 de exam start pls we de begi

  33. Gbenga says:

    Abeg heip us as u help us god we help u to,pls send d answer b4 d day of d exam plzzzzzz

  34. Itzfortune says:

    If u pple truly wants to help 2016 waec students, u don’t need to ask em for money because they re just students. If buhari catch u pple, am sorry he will send u guys to life imprison

  35. Andy says:

    Gidifans de try

  36. adejuwon adeniyi says:

    brother Frank I don send am oo I dey expect. your message ooo with the password oooo

  37. adejuwon adeniyi says:

    i have send the card and my details but have not seen anything

  38. Dare says:

    Plz i ned civic education question

  39. Abila says:

    I need civic education answer

  40. emmy says:

    Plz we need the answer as fast as possible

  41. mhizturah says:

    pls Wat u ar requesting frm us is too much we ar a student

  42. merlin says:

    abeg make u na help those we no if sub

  43. Tmuller says:

    I am looking up to you gidifans pls ooooooo help me out 2moro

  44. tcrane says:

    Pls night b4 exam

  45. Oliver says:

    Pls post it online

  46. sheyi says:

    plz sir help us in our waec sir send d answers b4 waec started and I don pay I never see d pin ooo

  47. Aronzee says:

    U need ur help gidifans plz

  48. Aronzee says:

    Gidifans we need ur hlp plz

  49. Emeka jude says:

    Guy ! Plz plz open the website, make i see am.

  50. NGARI says:

    I love dis site pls sir help us an send to us answer be4 de exam will start


    pls u’ve help me durin d neco lastyear nd i make it once pls help me in dis ssce 2 i beg u in d name of God post dis tin in pls o

  52. daniel says:

    Gidi is beta dan d rest pls help us wit civic ansas an hour to d exam

  53. cybermd says:

    gidifans we are waiting for ur request to deliver answer to us…… we know u people are the best….. we are still waiting for u people helpfulness about civic education link…. pls we are pleading u people to drop it now….. Tnks

  54. Anonymous says:

    Pls help us 2moro gidifans pls ooo

  55. Abdul says:

    Help oo gidifans

  56. Abdul says:

    We all need depend on site

  57. Anonymous says:

    Is it an our b4 d exam

  58. Bola says:

    Abeg post the answer 30mins b4 d exam

  59. MAKUSIDI says:


  60. prodigy says:

    Real website always visit it

  61. Usman olamilekan says:


  62. christopher says:

    pls gidifans i need answers befor exam

  63. victoria says:

    pls i ned the answer

  64. Emperor says:

    ah cee y’all

  65. Anonymous says:

    Abeg Help Usooooooo

  66. dr arowolo says:

    tnx sir

  67. chaleepha ahmad says:

    just read hard don’t defend which espor,beautiful is not in when brain is emty

  68. Abdulhakimbassa says:

    we need more answer sir

  69. SAVIOUR says:

    Pls sir, i need in government on thursday

  70. Anonymous says:

    pls tomorrow is English gidi fans ur help can move me to another level. u are my hope.thanks for ur support

  71. sunday Olatujoye says:

    gidi fans u a my hope in my mathematics

  72. ibrahim tunde says:

    Dats nice

  73. super says:

    U guys are shamanu ,I salute 4 na.una bam

  74. Emmanuel says:

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  76. Glory says:

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  77. Chigirl says:

    Thanks I Luv Dis Site

  78. Chinelo says:

    Dose this website really work

  79. Kalku says:

    Keep it up I love the way you assist god bless you GIDIFANS

  80. Anonymous says:

    I need civic answer

  81. Tymah Jogo says:

    I need civic education questions 2016 n office practice only question for 2016

  82. Tymah Jogo says:

    I need civic education questions 2016 n office practice only question for 2016 urgently plz

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