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  1. Vickki says:

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    pls always check your answer very well cuz the obj is sometimes wrong, thanks

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  8. Yunusa yusuf M says:

    I need biology practical answers

  9. dray says:

    Abeg post biology practical

  10. James says:

    Pls help me with d biology prabtical answer.

  11. Omaga says:

    1. under low
    2. in the presence of
    (1c) spec. A – ansbr /> energy giving food.
    specimen B from A ansbr /> (1). kingdom – plantae
    (2). phylum-thallophyta
    (3). class – fungi
    (1.) rhizoids
    (2.) sporangiospores
    (3.) sporangia
    (4) mycelium
    (5.) hyphae
    (1f). identify the nutrient present in
    spec. C – ans: protein
    spec C – ansbr /> (1.) presence of thick/hard shell
    (2.) presence of chalaza which holds
    the yolk in position
    (3.) presence of a yolky centre
    (4.) presence of a whitish albumen.
    (1h). draw a well labelled diagram of
    the features in spec. C (view the
    diagram below)
    spec. D – ansbr /> protein
    (1.) fowl
    (2.) ostrich
    (3.) owl
    (4.) duck
    (5.) turkey
    (1k). spec. E
    – ans: vitaminc
    (1L)of spec.
    E – ans: (1.) has many seeds
    (2.) has rough epicarp (3.) has succulent
    (4.) has thick epicarp
    (1m). spec. E – ansbr /> superficial plantation
    (1n). Spec E
    belongs? – ansbr /> berry fruit
    (1o) draw a well labelled diagram of
    spec. E (diagram will be sent below )

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  12. Chiboy says:

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    Thanks for your contribution torward tg this exams bcuz we got the answer free of charge.we were very happy (especially we that have no money for surbscrption)GOD BLESS U

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    I need agric essay and obj

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