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Animal obj

-feeding of livestocks
-giving of water to livestock
-cleaning of water trough
-cleaning of feeding though
-cleaning of peaks
-Heating of branding iron for marking
-Cooling of branding iron for marking
-Pounding of ear by notchers
-Using of chains in notched ear

-controlled stocking
-avoidance of overgrazing
-use of fertilizers
-small intestine
-Animals should not be allowed to inhale the chemical
-The animals should not swallow the chemical through the mouth
-The chemicals should not touch the areas where the animal is injured
-The chemical should not enter the animals ear

-To produce animals with high yield
-To produce animals with faster growth
-To produce animals that can adapt with different climatic conditions
-To produce animals with faster maternity
-To produce animals with better quality

-Increase in the size of the mammary gland
-Increase in the size of the belly
-Vaginal discharge
-Swollen of the vulva


Nutrient|One function|one deficiency symptom
Calcium|Bone and teeth formation|Retarded growth
Iodine|It helps to activate enzymes|Goitre
Vitamin A|Proper eye sight|Night blindness
Vitamin E|Aids reproduction|Reproduction failure

iii)Compressed air system
i)Animal health monitoring: To identify as yet unknown diseases.
ii)Prevention of animal diseases:Do their best to keep animal diseases out of their business.
iii)Notifiable animal diseases:controlled by normal commercial methods
iv)Preventive vaccination:This helps to keep the animals healthy and has no harmful effect on their products (meat, milk,etc.)
v)Vaccination for disease control:control measure during outbreaks of highly infectious animal diseases.
i)It prevents the spread of certain
diseases and sterility due to genital
diseases example contagious abortion
and vibriosis.
ii)By regular examination of semen after
collection and frequent checking on
fertility make early detection of inferior
males and better breeding efficiency is
iii)The progeny testing can be done at an
early age.
iv)It helps in maintaining the accurate
breeding and calving records.

i)increase the growth and reproduction potential of livestock and the quality of their products through genetic improvement
ii)ensure the above are adopted in harmony with the sustainable use of forage resources

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