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First time I heard about this was on a road trip with a couple of friends. One of them, who works at a bank, told us all to get on his internet which he was tethering, because is office-issued BlackBerry device had 10 terabytes that was going to be wiped off soon. I obviously didn’t believe it, even after he’d shown us his balance, “It had to be a glitch of some sort”, I remember saying as I updated some apps in the middle of no where.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I needed to get a couple of phones to implement a CUG (closed user group) for myself and new staff with Visafone and I thought it’ll be good from a productivity standpoint to get legacy BlackBerry devices for the CUG. You can imagine the shock, when I activated a plan on mine and saw this:

So what’s the catch? (because there is always one right?)

It’s a BlackBerry plan (duh!) but it’s fully tether-able meaning you can share via mobile hotspot, bluetooth or USB.
Because it’s a BlackBerry plan, and Visafone uses CDMA, you’ll have to use one of their own BlackBerry devices (meaning you’re buying a new phone), and that translates to an extra phone to carry about.
It’s slow and inconsistent. I’ve done random speed checks over time it’s never gone faster than 700kbps and can get a lot slower when it’s in the mood.
That aside, it works well enough for streaming stuff, VoIP (surprising that it works at that speed) and for downloading stuff (if you are the patient kind), but being used to internet a lot faster, using it to surf pages can be frustrating. To test if the data was legit, I got a couple of friends to come over as often as possible over a month (read: everyday) to try and max it, but the best we were able to do given the speed was around 76GB.

Did I mention that the plan in question costs just N1,000? (activate by texting BBCM to 6000). Shortcomings aside, it’s probably the most economic plan ever.

What do you think? Too slow to be useful or two cheap to pass? Let us know.

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