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I woke up in the middle of the night, everywhere smelled good. The entire room smelt like Jafar. I was lying with my back facing him. He didn’t emit any sound as he slept. I felt so powerful right now, the almighty Jafar was sleeping with both eyes closed next to me, I could kill him if I wanted.

Jafar: you should be sleeping..

I didn’t know the guy was awake too..

Me: you too..

Jafar : Are you cold…should I put off the AC?

Me: No o…but I am cold…hold me..

He giggled and kept quiet..

I took his hand placed it around me, it rested just beneath my boobz…

Me: oya let us sleep….i wanted to feel powerful again. He didn’t answer me though.

The next time I woke up, his arm was still around me, I didn’t move…I just wanted it to be like that. I didn’t think of Abayomi, Timi or Toun, I just wanted to remain in his arms. I was fantasizing till I slept off again.

I woke up to an empty room, I checked my phone, it was 5:30am, the bed seemed bigger…I pressed my nose on the sheets, I smiled..

I saw myself as a proud person, I don’t go after guys nor even give attention to those that come after me..but with Jafar, I didn’t care if he didn’t want me, or if last night’s kiss was just a kiss…I will savor it. i would hold on to it. I noticed a text message on my phone…it was from Jafar…it read…” There is a loaf of bread in the kitchen, eggs in the fridge, oil in the cupboard…search for the rest…will come for you by 4pm, so you can go stay with Timi…Ago aint safe for you”..

Just like that my day got spoilt. So I was really going to leave? I called Timi..

Timi: baby..

Me: Timi, I would be coming to Ijebu-Ode by 5…
please pick me up at the Mr Biggs, close to Gtbank.

Timi: I am happy..finally I can be with you..

Me: yeah..

Timi: you don’t sound happy, coming to see me…wait….have you slept with Jafar?

Me: no..

Timi: Thank God…I love you baby…

Me: see you soon ..

I made breakfast, bread and eggs with coffee. I packed my bags like a spoilt brat resuming boarding school…thoughts of Abayomi was forcing itself in my brain…I called Toun..

Toun: Tana…

Me: Toun, how are you?

Toun: Abayomi’s mother just called me, such a sweet woman…we cried together…

Me: it must be killing her…

Toun: she wants me to be around for his burial.

Me: will you?

Toun: I would kill anybody that stops me..

Me: I wish I could come..

Toun: are you safe there?

Me: I would be moving to Ijebu-Ode to stay with

Timi..Jafar insisted.

Toun: he wants you to go?

Me: apparently..

Toun: I am sure he is gutted about it..

Me: he doesn’t show it, look the guy at most just likes me…I am contented though..

Toun: anyways, wear black of Friday…it’s the day he will be buried…

Me: thank you Toun, your strength inspires me….

Toun: strength?…i am dying inside…

Me: i am sorry,,

Toun: bye dear..

I decided to just sleep till 4pm, unfortunately..Acho chose that time to call…

Me: Acho..

Acho : Tana, how are you…how are you coping?

Me: I am good…sorry for the other time….the way the guys hit you…

Acho: no jor…that time has passed..i just want you to know if you need me…I will be here…I still love you..

Me: thank you…

Acho: lets hang out this…

I hung up…

I was awoken by soft taps, it was Jafar…he was smiling at me like I was his favorite daughter…

Me: oh, you are back..

Jafar: yes…

Me: is it 4pm yet?

Jafar: it is 5pm…

Me: damn!..Timi would be waiting for me…

Jafar: lets go….have you packed your bags?

Me: since na…

I didn’t want him to know I was crying inside…

Jafar: I will miss you…

Me: blablabla…

He helped me with some of my bags, I carried the rest…I was sad.


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