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I had expected Abayomi and Toun to stay longer so I can just keep looking at Timi, but they retired early.

leaving me and him in the parlor, without anything to talk about.

Me: you shouldn’t kiss me, you have a girlfriend.

Timi: I am sorry, I couldn’t help myself

Me: I should have stopped you it is my fault.

Timi: I am sorry about what you went through, I wish I had known..

Me: what will you have done?

Timi: cried like mad..

We both laughed. It was funny how everything looked how it was when we were dating, I still don’t know why this boy left me.

I know he liked me, maybe not as much as I want.

Me: its time for you to bounce, its late

Timi: I thought you would want me to stay here with you, after what you went through..

Me: don’t worry, I am fine, you can go.

As he walked to the door, I wish I had told him to stay. I wondered if it was too late to.

His broad shoulders looked so appealing, something I would want to hold as I slept. Just like that the door closed and Timi was gone.

I rushed to the door so I can open it and watch him go. The was waiting when I opened the door, he had that silly ‘I know you would come’ smile on his baby face. I smiled too

Me: you can spend the night, but we would have to sleep on the floor.

Timi: thank you

Me: its just because I am still scared.

Timi: I know

Me: you must go before Abayomi or Toun wake’s up

Timi: yes ma

Me: don’t even think of touching me..

Timi: no problem ma

Me: good.

Some minutes later, we both lay down beside each other, my back was turned to him, but his long masculine hands wrapped me in that way that I had missed so much.

Me: why did you leave me?

Timi: im sorry

Me: I need an answer, Timi, just tell me so I can close this chapter

Timi : babe..lets let it go

I wanted to talk some more but I let him have his way. I was satisfied with where I was. I didn’t want to get angry.

I felt him move closer to me , but I didn’t react.

i was wearing one of Toun’s sleeping soft big bum was resting against his crotch. I felt him harden as he moved closer. I remembered when he used to tell me my bum was bigger than my future. I would chase him down the room then..good old days. I didn’t do it consciously, but I realized I was shooting my bum backwards to grind him.

Timi: I missed you

I kept quiet, even as his hands went beneath the gown and found the way to my bosoms.

On his way to my bosoms, his hands brushed my Unclad bums. Didn’t I tell this guy not to touch me?

Timi: Your body…your body…

I abruptly turned and faced him..

Me: don’t touch me.

Timi ignored me, instead he kissed me again.

This time his lips didn’t come off. Like it was daring me. I could taste him, his sweet lips, I could smell him, that masculine wonderful scent.

My hands rested on his chest, wanting to push him back but I ended up pulling him closer. His fingers went beneath my gown again, and located my Vee, he rubbed me gently. till I felt hot fluid fill the area. I moaning gently..i kissed him, sucked his tongue gently, to stop me from crying out.. my brain kept telling me to stop.. but I was weak…I knew I had to stop..

I pushed him away and stood up.

Me: Abayomi!

He didn’t answer..

Me: Abayomi!

He came running out of the room, Toun followed closely behind him

Me: Abayomi, come and sleep in the parlor with Timi

Toun had a smile on her face, I didn’t know why she was smiling until I looked at myself, the hardness of my Tips roared from the gown.

Abayomi: chai, Timi, you no get house?

Timi: Bleep you bruv Abayomi went into the room and came back with a pillow.

He kept hissing as he lay down.

I entered the room with Toun, only to find an opened but unused condom beside her pillow.

I felt bad for Abayomi once again.

But most especially, I felt bad for myself.

Timi was in my heart again.


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