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We got back home that midnight because we insisted on returning home despite the pressure of the police on us to stay the night at the station, we left and promised to return anytime we are needed for interrogation. On getting home, I entered my room to have my first shower since saturday morning as adenike was inside the kitchen preparing noodles and egg for us to eat.

After the shower, I wore only my boxers and came back to the room. Moments later, the noodles was ready and we ate, I asked adenike again to tell me how to police got involved in the matter.

She told me to be patient, she stood up from the bed after finishing the meal. The time was 2:33am, she entered into the bathroom to have her bath. I was sitting on my bed trying to catch a glimpse of my room, it seems I had been away for months. Adenike came out of the bathroom Unclad from head to toes and came closer to me on the bed, my Joystick signalled instantly on sight of those gorgeous oranges. I didn’t waste any time before I grabbed her into my arms, I located her lips with mine and we kissed passionately for minutes. I grabbed the right bosom and began to squeeze while still kissing. Adenike began to jack and moan, I then switched bosoms at intervals while still kissing and the moan was getting louder. I removed my lips from her mouth and whispered into her ears “I have missed you honey”. I moved my head downwards to her Tips, I sucked the erected Tips gently as I moved my hands down to her abdomen, adenike’s hand located my boxers and she pulled it off while I was sucking and squeezing the bosoms and she was letting out moans at different tempos. My finger went down to her clits as she also grabbed my erected dicck and began to stroke. I finger fuccked her for minutes and she Pour once on my fingers, I noticed she was getting weak, I stopped manipulation and moved my head down to her well and began to paint it with my tongue.

Adenike wasn’t finding it easy to stroke my Joystick because of the body distance. I readjusted to lie vertically opposite to her in a 69 position. I was tongue flicking the pusssy as she buried my Joystick into her mouth. Now, the moans and pressure were mutual as we were doing the mouth work perfectly. I was about to Pour and I pulled out of her mouth but she pulled me back to welcome the whole Pour into her mouth. I was surprised as she didn’t stop, she continued sucking deep throat until I regained another Attention.

We stopped sucking and I lied down on my back while she did the same but in opposite bed direction. She stood up and sat on my erected Joystick, facing me with her back in a “reversed cowgirl edition”. She stretched her hands forward and rested them on my kneel as she began to rise and fall on the capillary stick. I supported her butts with my hands to welcome her each time she falls on me. After 15 minutes of this style, she turned around facing me with her Tips while still rising and falling on my strong stick. I held her two oranges with my both hand and began to squeeze as she was rising and falling. After another 10minutes, we both Pour and we were both tired. She fell over me, stretching her legs backward and resting her head on my chest.

ADEnIKE: onihaxy my love, I have missed you so much.

ME: me too, I really missed you where I was

ADENIKE:: hmmmmmm.

ME: so tell me dear, how did the police got involved and what happened when you were visited by those guys?

ADENIKE: thanks to someone out there, if not for her, who knows maybe you might have been killed.

ME: who is the person?

ADENIKE: she said her name is shade and a friend to labake, something like that sha.

ME: ***screamed**** ehhhh!!!, shandy ooooo!!!,

ADENIKE: why the shout?

ME: you won’t understand dear, she became a misery to me till date.

ADENIKE: hmmmmmm, well, I had already understood. She explained so many things to me.

ME: how did you met? And what did she tell you?***curious****

ADENIKE: at midnight on sunday, I got a call from her, I was surprised how she got my number, she was in tears while making the call and this got my attention.

ME: what happened next? ***raised eye brow**

ADENIKE: she told me she just lost someone so closed to her in the hands of some certain guys, and the guys also had you in their custody to be killed.

ME: waoooh!!

ADENIKE: she told me that your house was robbed, my house was burgled, her friend was shot dead and I was taken away all because of a parcel.

ME: this is getting interesting ***readjusted my sitting position***

ADENIKE: so I told her what I knew about the envelope you brought to my place from office. She confirmed it to be what the guys are looking for. So we both planned everything that happened and how the police were involved.

ME: did you see her facially?

ADENIKE: no, she gave me the strategies on phone while I went to the station to carry the police along myself.

ME: so where is the envelope?

ADENIKE: its with the police, I was told it contained hard drugs worth millions of naira. I was told the case would be transferred to the NDLEA.

ME: **sighed**** what else did she tell you

ADENIKE: that all I could say, I won’t tell you the rest because they are all dirty secrets you hide from me.***lied down on the bed and faced me with her back****.

ME: **lied down behind her and cuddled her with my hands to sleep***

The next morning, I collected shandy’s number from adenike and gave her a call. She told me she had returned to abuja. She told me she wasn’t part of the team. Just a good friend to labake in abuja. she said she was coincidentally in akure for an event at the same time with labake, and labake discussed with her to help on a my situation.


The branch manager of our Abuja branch and akure branch were arrested for partnering in the drug crime by making sure they skipped every form of scanning on parcels of some special drug clients. Chairman chief badmus was also arrested, Mr femi, the rest of the team members and every other people connecting with the crime were all charged to court and jailed. I was called back to work and made the safety officer of my branch to ensured that all parcel were scanned and examined before delivery.

Shandy and I became a very good FWSB ( friends with intimate benefits). Till date. Anytime she is in akure, we do hang out for sexcapades at discrete hotels. I also visits her often in Abuja once a while.

*****THE END*****


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