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As we entered my room, Sandra removed her shirt and jumped on the bed. I’m not a regular smoker and neither was Sandra but we just wanted to have fun. I was high as as a helicopter and just was wanted to see what I looked like when high.
I went for the light switch and put it on, then I walked to the mirror on my wall. I looked at myself but I was too far away, It felt like looking at yourself from a mirror 20 kilometers away!! My se”x urge disappeared in an instant.
I looked at Sandra, she was smiling at me with nothing on except her panties. Suddenly, my memory of the past few hours were gone and I was
trying to figure out how she got into my room. I couldn’t remember seeing her today. I remember
“Sandra, How did you get inside here?”
She laughed, like I said something really funny.
That’s when I knew that there was something funny going on in my mind…. I felt like I was loosing my
mind. Sandra stood up, put off the light and dragged me into bed.
She was kissing me and rubbing my di-ck but I was feeling numb all over. She was saying “do all those
things you talk about, I want it now”.
I couldn’t remember making any promises.
My Guy later explained that I smoked too much wee*d. I could feel her reaching for my di-ck, sucking it, putting her breas*t in my mouth but I
couldn’t respond in any way. I just lay motionless.
It felt like I was watching someone else in my own body.
Then, She started licking the tip of my di-ck … and it felt like I was falling down from a plane… in the
air, falling down. I started whispering “please, don’t
let me die”. Sandra was just laughing and still devouring me with her mouth and all. I don’t know
what happened after but I woke up around 4 pm with the strongest headache I’ve ever had in my
I and Sandra were Unclad under the sheets and I was horn*y as ever, my di-ck was rock hard (all the beer had cleansed my system off sugar). I guess Sandra had undressed me to seduce me into sex but I was just too high to play along.
I covered her with the sheet, put my boxers on and got up to take drugs for my headache. Then I wanted to brush my teeth because I had this bitter taste in my mouth. After brushing my teeth, I came
back inside and she said:
“Corper, good morning”
“Good morning”
“Corper, don’t ever smoke again o”
We talked about last night’s adventure and also laughed about it. She said she was sucking my di:ck
and watching movies at the same damn time! Oh lawd, I wished I wasn’t high!!.
What a miss!!. This got me hornier so I asked her to do it again. She said she was too tired, that the she
needed to sleep, cuz she was watching movies all through.
I understood. I put on some music and also my play-station 2. I was playing a driving game (GTA- San
Andreas). She loved games too. She watched me play for a while and later decided to join me.
She sat beside me, Unclad except for her panties, her boo:bs were bouncing as she was moving her
control pad from side to side. I kept crashing my car, and it kept making her laugh. This was fun.
All my worries were gone … at least for the moment.
I wished life could go on like this.

Around an hour later, we went to bed. She hugged me from behind,
her bare breas:ts pressing hard against my back. Words cannot describe that feeling. We slept that
way, woke up around 10 a.m. it was Sunday morning and I wasn’t going to church. God would understand. I mean, I was trying to accomplish the
closest feeling to heaven… or maybe better than heaven (to me).
Then, something came up that spoilt the day though: Sandra got a call that her mum was critically ill. They had been trying to call her since
last night (na me bin off her phone to avoid story. Lol). She hurriedly dressed up and left.
I didn’t hear from her for a while, probably like 5 days and her number was switched off all through. I was worried, but her house was a no-go area. I was missing her. Sandra: bad girl with a good heart.

One day, I and my Guy went to buy some food stuffs from the market at town. I got a call from Sandra:
“Corper, where are you”
“I’m at the market. Are you at my house?”
“How’s your mum?”
“She is getting better now”
“Thank God. I would back soon”
“Ok. I’m waiting outside for you”

Omoh, most of the things wey I plan to buy just erase from my memory. We buy the ones wey i remember then I hurry my Guy make we dey go
house sharparly!.. Sandra dey wait for me…


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