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He waited for some seconds for me to ask my question, and since I was temporarily dumb, he retrieved his attention from me. I looked around for help but got none, which made me learn a bitter lesson that day; what you sow is exactly what you will reap, no two ways to it. I quietly hummed all the songs I could remember as I masticated the lid of my pen.

“Thirty more minutes!” Mrs Nwachukwu announced.

I needed no soothsayer to apprise me that I was already swimming in the pool of carry over. I began to sweat, my heart began to pump more blood than it should, all because I couldn’t afford to.

The examination was almost coming to an end, heads turning three hundrend and sixty degrees, necks working like a forklift, elongated and abridged within seconds.

“God, I know you were trying to pass a message to me. Now I know and understand better, kindly make a way for me.” I silently prayed.

Afterwards, I peeked on the invigilators, to be sure I wasn’t under their spotlight. I wasn’t. I stretched my hand, tapped the same guy quickly, he turned around, then he signalled with his hand and mimed with his mouth for me to ask my question. I was extremely elated, though I sat but I was up on my feet, dancing.

“Merbenko, Merbenko.” I muttered.

He strained his ears, squeezing his face in confusion, he quite didn’t understand my question. “What is the title of Professor Merbenko’s first novel?” I muttered again.

He was a brilliant chap, he answered me within a tick. “Deept.” He replied me and almost immediately continued with his work.

“Ok Deept, I got it, thank you so much.”

My eyes bulged out like that of a dragonfly, blinking continuously like a traffic light, coupled with the speed of my hand, I lifted, peeped at his answer sheet and dubbed all I saw; since that day I knew my eyes were multifunctional, one of which was telescopic role.

“Get ready to stop!” Mr Akinola shouted.

The gurus of the class had started submitting their scripts while I was busy photocopying another guy’s work. The class was becoming rowdy and the invigilators were busy collecting the scripts, which blinded their eyes away from the underground activities that took place. The raucous state of the class created a room for the dullards to ask questions from the fellows who went on to submit their work. I utilized that opportunity to the fullest, I was able to attempt five more questions out of eleven that frowned at me.

“Hey You!” Mr Akinola shouted with a frown on his face, pointing towards my direction. “Stand up!”

I fidgeted and wondered if I was the one he was refering to because I was guilty of spying into another’s work.

I placed my hand on my chest like a footballer saying his pledge. “Me?” I mimed.

“I said stand up!” He yelled again, taking some steps forward. “Infact, bring your script along.”

In that same minute, Mr Akinola was slightly distracted by a student, who had an issue with the script she submitted, which kept his head buried and his eyes away from me. Still with my hand on my chest, I stood up with a puzzled face, I looked behind to confirm if I was the victim, yes I was. I shuffled my papers together and walked forward before he minutes on my answer sheet.

The girl left, Mr Akinola raised his head and pointed in fury to the direction I was coming from. “Are you mad?!” He yelled out loud. “You! Yes, you wearing the orange shirt, come here.”

I took a shufti at myself to confirm the color of my shirt which I didn’t notice until it was mentioned. I wore a white shirt which was far from being the color mentioned, so I resolved to go back to my seat to complete my work.

“Hey, Mr man where are you going?” He said as I retreated.

I turned around, shocked. “Sir, I want to complete my work.” I said, pointing to my seat.

“So why did you stand up?” Mr Akinola asked.

“Sir, I thought I was the one you were refering to.” I replied with a pity face.

“So?” He said. “It’s time to submit. Oya, everybody submit now! If you’re caught writing afterwards just go and register for this course next year.”

I looked at my answer sheet, it was so scanty, I nodded in pity of myself as I walked on to submit my script. I was still beleaguered to have wasted the last minutes of the examination walking towards Mr Akinola, when I saw my classmates crowded over the heap of bags outside.

I flew outside like a rocket, struggling in the midst of them like the woman with the issue of blood, not to touch the helm of Jesus’ garment but to grab the handle of my bag. I saw different bags but my bag was not in view. I was almost crying as I drew out of the crowd. I stood at akimbo waiting for the crowd to reduce, then I saw my bag behind a fellow about twenty meters away, a girl to be specific, I knew from her hairstyle. I moved briskly towards her, she paced faster. That’s my bag for sure, she’s trying to escape, Banji, come on move faster, I said to myself.

I ignited my engine, I started jogging to catch up with her and almost immediately, she started jogging too.


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