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I threw the rifle away because its weight reduced my pace and I couldn’t afford to get caught. It was a race to hell. Beads of sweat formed quickly on my face, I wiped it off as I ran because some trickled into my eyes. I peeked behind me but didn’t see the faces of my foes, let alone know how many they were,all I could see was a beam of light that moved right in front of them. I knew they ran very fast to have covered the gap I created.

The devil is liar, I almost said when I hit my leg against the root of a tree and got me to stumble. No, no, not now, thud! I fell flat on the ground hurting my left arm. I struggled to get back on my feet before the pharaohs get hold of me. I was about making a ninety degrees to the ground when the bad boys got hold of me. Swoop! I fell flat with my back hitting the ground hard. They forcefully kicked me at the heels and got me on the ground just as the soldiers do to anyone who crosses their part.

My instinct made me realise that they were two of them with me because the effect of the kicks that landed on me were minimal. One of the guys shone the light on my face in order to prevent me from seeing properly. I angrily got hold of the leg of the guy with the touch, vigorously dragged it and got him on the ground. The touch dropped on the ground directing its ray to another direction. We struggled. I strived my way through to his neck bit it hard and deep. He screamed out loud like a candidate of hell, while the other fellow kicked and blew me continuously but it had no effect because I was already transformed. I felt his blood surging into my mouth like five-alive juice, I felt I was deep enough to pull out his neck so I did.

I bit off part of his flesh which hung on my incisors. I stood up to face the dude that kicked me ceaselessly, he couldn’t see my dangerous face but he could picture it in his mind so he fled like a psychotic dog. I spat away the blood in my mouth, picked up the torch and forged back to get Samuel.

After moving some steps away from the horor scene, I found a mine covered with light logs, I cleared the logs away and ran back to the horor scene. The guy was still groaning in pain, I grabbed his leg and dragged him to the mine. Oops! I threw him in. I dusted my hands, got hold of the touch and forged on.

Hope Samuel is safe? I was worried. I walked as fast as I could, I saw the rifle I threw away which gave me a clue that Samuel was close by. I picked up the rifle and rushed to the ditch. Where is Samuel? He was nowhere to be found. I was almost dawn, I could see withouth the help of the touch so I threw the torch away and walked back towards the hut we escaped from.

Is this a good idea, to go back to that same place? Is Samuel really captured? What will be my fate if I go back and they nab me? I paused and deliberated on those thought and concluded to let go Samuel and head back to school.

I turned around, then I walked to the ditch Samuel fell in and paused. “Samuel, I tried all I could to get you safely home but my effort was prematurely aborted.” I said, with a saturated eyes. “Wherever you are, please be safe and remember I love you, little man.”

I afterwards threw the rifle into the ditch to mark where I last saw him. I walked on.


“Samuel?” I said, turned around and saw Samuel running towards me.

I was so happy to see him. I ran towards him as he ran towards me, he jumped into my arms and I carried him with joy in my heart.

“Where were you? How did you do it? When and how did you get out?” I bombarded him with questions.

He kept smiling. “I bent down in the hole and disguised myself like a branch of tree.” Samuel said, still smiling.

“How did you get out?”

“I strided my legs apart against the edges and I hopped gently out.” He said, spreading his legs apart to elaborate his point.

“That’s so smart of you.” I said, letting him to the ground. “I was so worried about you.”

“I went to hide behind a tree, waiting for you to come for me.” He cut in.

“And here I am for you.” I said, smiled and patted his head. “Let’s go home.”


“Let’s go.”

“Hurry! Hurry!! This way? Yes, move!” Voices from afar hits our eardrum.


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