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Oh my God! My death is at the door, I said to myself. I hopped away from the bed like a frog and fearfully went in search of my pant.

I cared less about who was at the door because all I could think of was to disappear from Sheri’s room. Sheri and I were confused of what to do next, jostling against each other at intervals.

My tongue immediately switched back to its origin. “Please, where can I hide?” I muttered,vibrating like a drenched dog.

Sheri didn’t pay attention to me because she was busy dressing up to save her dear life.

I went around looking for my pant but couldn’t locate it. “Sheri, please where is my pant?” I yelled.

She paused and looked at me with a blazing eyes. “You don dey mad abi? You dey ask me for your pant, na him I wear for head.” She said and hissed.

I have no choice than to bear the cross by myself. I saw my trouser few seconds later and wore it quickly without my pant. Who cares? Atleast my trouser wasn’t transparent so who could notice I wasn’t wearing a pant.

“Sheri! Are you deaf? Open this door now!”

“Malc,I dey come.” Sheri said, with a frown on her face.

It was Sheri’s mother,but that didn’t change the fact that I was in trouble because Sheri’s room had no hiding place. Behind the door? Wrong place to hide, so cliche, the first place to be suspected and I couldn’t afford to be caught so easily.

Sheri cared less about me, went towards the door to open it. I was tensed, so I looked around for where to hide but still had no place to dodge. This is a rat hole, I said to myself. Sheri withdrew to me, pointed at the window and asked if I could escape through it. That was a billion dollar idea, I hastily moved to the window and climbed it.

“Hey!” Sheri called.

I looked behind, still on the window, then she threw my pant to me,which I angrily threw back at her. Thud! I jumped down and landed at their backyard, where clothes were spread to dry.

“Hey! Who are you?” A voice roared at me.

I paused and couldn’t look back, I calculated on what next to do, run away or stay and be interrogated. I chose the former. I took off speedily as the unknown man chased after me. I peeped behind and saw the reason to increase my speed, Old Soldier. I ran as fast as a whipped horse, outrunning Old Soldier to my house.

I got to my house, picked my bag and ran out as fast as possible. Thank goodness, I finally got off my street, I was quite relieved but it didn’t last when I remembered I hadn’t accomplished my aim of returning home. I can’t go back to Old Soldier to ask him about my mum’s whereabout and I can’t visit the whole hospital in the neighbourhood, I thought.

I took a glimpse at my wrist watch, 5:50 P.M. it read. “Mummy, I love you so much but I was stupid to make my visit futile. I pray you get well soon. Please don’t leave me alone in this world. You’re all I got. I promise to make you proud henceforth and I will sure come back to see you.” I said,gazing at the dark cloud,with tears trickling down my cheeks.

I hurried to the busstop to board a motorcycle to the garage. “Bike! Hey Okada!” I shouted, waving at various motorcycles zooming by. “Okada!”

I at last got one, boarded it and zoomed off to the garage. I alighted, dipped my hands into my side pockets to meet them empty. I almost fainted on the spot.

The motorcyclist looked at me and smiled. “Bros, hope you ain’t acting drama because I go collect my money complete.” The motorcyclist said, jacked his bike up by its stand and folded his arms.

“Abeg, I dey come. I go give you in Jesus name.” I nervously said as I scratched my pocket as if money were bread-crumbs.

Luckily for me, I found some money at the hind pocket of my trouser. I sighed in relief, gave it to the motorcyclist and he zoomed away. How would I get to school was the question I wondered about. I had no money with me, save two hundred and fifty naira. There’s nothing God cannot do, I said to myself as I walked inside the garage. The time was 6:19 P.M. not surprised everywhere was already dark. The bus I would board had just a passenger left to be filled, which was an opportunity for me, but where was the money?

My brain, like a computer figured out a strategy. I stayed almost fifteen steps away from the bus, scanning around for the last passenger to arrive. Few minutes later,the beautiful lady arrived,entered the bus and sat.

I counted for some seconds and ran to the bus like I was ignorant about it all. “Hope the bus is not filled?” I asked, panting and stretching my neck into the bus.

“O boy, the bus don full.” The driver said. “Come tomorrow because na the last bus for today be this.”

“Yeh! Please I beg you with God, I have to deliver a message this night.” I pityfully said.

“Wetin we go do now?” He asked concerned.

“Make we dey go na! Shey una no know sey night don reach ni?” A passenger angrily yelled from the bus.

The driver left me standing and went to his seat while I quickly slided the door of the bus open, entered and sat on the engine and closed the door.

“Aunty, please don’t be annoyed let me manage here.” I said to the lady I inconvenienced.

She nodded and gave me a wink.


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