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I immediately looked like a chump, scratching my head hard like I was digging for gold. I still didn’t believe her number was cleared so I scrolled to my call log, ransacked it but nothing was found. I looked at the road they exited from, trailed it for some distant like I knew where they were, paused and gave it all up. I am sure bewitched, I said to myself. I had the feeling that it was a bad day for me, having lost something as precious as Adaobi’s number but every minute my hand collided with my swollen pocket, my day renewed authomatically; how are you? Money! Which draws a final conclusion that money answers all questions.

I shrugged off the pity party I was throwing within and hastily forged on to the garage. I arrived at the garage only to witness the bus going to my destination take off. I was sad but I had no choice than to wait for the next one. I sat alone in a bus that would convey fourteen passengers, en route my destination. I was seated at the right-most extreme end at the back, with my chin resting comfortably on my left palm which was pivoted by my elbow which I placed just by the window. My wondering eyes couldn’t help but fist on the drowsy conductor, who yawned at intervals while beckoning on passengers, he was annoying but I had no choice than to stay glue to my seat till the bus got filled up.

“Gala here! Gaaaallllllaaaaaaa! Bros Gala!” An hawker shouted.

He brought the product very close to me, I peeped into the carton and I could immediately perceive that it was fresh. “Na today own?” I stupidly asked, not after knowing the answer myself.

“Bros, na today own o.” He relied. “Bros, touch am na.”

Like I was hypnotized, I touched it and demanded for four of it, which in total cost two hundred naira. I reached for money in my pocket, gladly drew a note out and handed it over to the hawker, who simultaneously gave me my balance. I realize the money grew wings when I ordered for viju milk, a drink that has different flavors but all had a milky taste.

All the while I was statically shopping, passengers were already trooping into the bus. One, two, I counted the empty seats left in the bus and was glad with the turn up.

The drowsy conductor roused up, returned to the bus and demanded for the fare. “Please,your money over there.” He roared, stretching his hand to the passenger on the front seat.

Like flash, he got to me and I gladly paid. The bus became filled up some minutes after. The driver entered into the bus, ignited the engine and we zoomed off. The journey was for three hours, summing up the time the bus would endure in the inevitable traffic jam. The body balance of the bus got my heary settled, unlike some buses that would break down after two to three kilometers drive. They were nine ladies, two babies and six men in the bus, the driver inclusive.

I sighed, brought out my snacks and crunch them slowly. Suddenly, I paused for some seconds, chewed slowly, and finally stopped. I laid aside the snacks on my hands and thought deeply about the main cause of my predicament. It hasn’t been like this from the begining, what happened? Who did I offend? Am I gotten from the gods or what? My C.G.P.A has drastically dropped and things are not getting any better. My father dead, my mother lying lifeless in the hospital, What did I do wrong? My mind randomly thought.

I sighed again, dismissed the feeling and continued with my snacks. I ate it all within minutes, dusted away the crumbs from my cloth and sat upright. I couldn’t sleep because I was scared of the negative happenings that had surrounded me lately, staying alert was the best way for me to overcome any similar one.

After spending two hours fifteen minutes on the road, the bus became extremely hot. The lady sitting next to me carried a baby at her back, I peeked at the baby boy and noticed his restlessness behind his mother.

“Ma, your baby is hot.” I said to her.

“Thank you sir.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Let me help you carry him so you may be relieved.” I suggested.

“Ha, thank you very much sir. God bless you.” She appreciated me, loosened the cloth she used in holding the baby and brought the baby out.

I took the baby from her and kept him on my laps, I love babies alot. I tickled the baby and he gave me a bright smile. I was happy playing with the baby because it made me totally forget about my sorrow. I took the baby by the armpit, raised him up and I immediately got baptized with urine from his infinitesimally small nozzle. He peed on my face, it affected my eyes and I reflexly shoved the baby higher, hitting his head hard on the roof of the car.

“Ha!” The mother and some other passengers shouted while the mother of the baby quickly collected her baby from me.

I felt embarrased but that would had been better if the baby had cried. The baby remained mute with his eyes closed. Baby, I beg you in the name of Jesus, open your eyes and cry, I prayed in my heart. The mother turned the baby’s back to herself and patted it but still no sound was made. The mother fearfully peeked at me, I pitifully gazed back at her, she returned her face to her silent baby and quickly returned her focus back to me without saying a word.


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