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Who on earth is this enemy of enjoyment that chose to knock on my door at this moment? I asked myself. I found it hard to decline from the cloud nine I already was, not even after Sister Grace was ready for me. I wondered if Sister Grace heard the knock because she completely pulled off her pant even while the person was knocking. I deliberately ignored the door and concentrated on how to handle the biggest temptation of my life. That one unfolding right before me. My nozzle suddenly became relaxed like a deflated balloon when the person knocked again.
My anger immediately developed to a percentage of ninety, with my eyes popping out like the ball in a roll-on deodorant. “Who the hell is that?” I yelled.
“It’s me, Banji.”
The voice sounded feminine and familiar but the voice recognition application installed on my brain was already corrupted by sensual virus which was transferred to me by Sister Grace; that virus was more harmful than the Trojan horse.
“You, who?” I asked to be ascertain who it was.
“It’s me Kofo.”
Oh my God! My long lost girlfriend came visiting. I turned out to be totally confused at that instance. Sister Grace was about taking it to the next level, cloud ten, thrust me flat to the bed and was about lying on me. I obstructed her and rose up on my feet.
“We can’t do this again.” I said.
“But why?” She sadly asked.
“My girlfriend is at the door.”
“So? Can’t she wait?” She said and winked at me.
You must be mad, I almost said. “Please, we would hook up some other time. You don’t have to leave now, just wait for Emeka for some minutes more.”
“You are not serious. In fact nothing happened between us.”
Agreed, just wear your pant, I said to myself.
Knock! Knock! “Banji are you busy?” Kofo softly asked.
“No, am not. Am coming.”
I quickly assisted Sister Grace to wear back her pant. She was sluggish about it so I helped her drag the pillow case up to fit into the pillow; I wasn’t so caring to do that, just wanted to have the feeling of how soft the pillows were.
Knowing Sister Grace was settled, I ran to open the door.
“Hey Kofo, what’s up?” I said with a fake smile.
“Am fine. What took you so long?”
I coughed and said, “I was arranging my wardrobe.”
I ushered her to my wing, then she sat on my bed. I was displaying a bitter side of me to Kofo because of the embarrassment she caused me the last time we met. I sat on the cupboard, placed right beside my bed with a scowl on my face.
“Banji, am so-r–r.” She was about saying something when I interrupted ignorantly.
“Shuuuush!” I sounded, with my index finger on my lips. “Enough of your sorry. I don’t want to hear it. You embarrassed me before that riffraff? And you’re here telling me sorry.”
I was completely dumbfounded when she gave me a reply to my rant. “Banji, I am not here to beg you. Ok? And I wasn’t gonna say sorry to you before you foolishly cut in. I am here to condole you over the loss of your roommate.” She said, with her voice loud enough for Sister Grace to had heard.
I was speechless and I wished Sister Grace was deaf to our conversation. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. My wish was just a wish when Sister Grace barged in.
“Please Sister, can you repeat what you just said?” She surprisingly asked Kofo.
Kofo gazed at her, scrutinized her from head to toe and looked at me. “So this is what you’re busy with that made you not to open the door on time.” She said.
“I beg your pardon.” Sister Grace yelled at Kofo.
Kofo looked at her furiously and said, “To your question, I said his roommate is dead, he is late, he is gone. Choose the one you understand best.”
I looked at Sister Grace, who in turn looked at me, shocked and embarrassed. She stared at me mute for some seconds, retreated to Emeka’s wing, picked her bag and exited the room, slamming the door.
I shifted my focus back to Kofo, who looked at me arrogantly. She was so full of herself. We both gazed at each other for five minutes, not sure but three minutes would be close to the truth. I buried my ego and broke the silence jinx.
“Kofo, why treat me like this? Why now? Ehn? Baby, why?” I said.
“Who is your baby? You better look for your baby elsewhere because I ain’t’t your baby.”
I smiled, stood up from the cupboard and sat on the bed with her. “You are my baby jor.” I said and tickled her.
She jerked, smile and said, “Lemme o, lemme jor.”
I tickled her the more. “I won’t leave you jor.” I said, laughing out loud.
“Oya wait Banji. Oh Oooo, Banji wait na.” She pleaded as I tickled.
I stopped. “Oya talk, am waiting.” I said, with a grin.
“What was she doing here? Is she not the Bible study secretary? What was she doing alone in the room with you?”
“Don’t mind her jare, she was waiting for Emeka.”
“Emeka? Your roommate?”
“Why didn’t you tell her he was dead? And I wonder how she didn’t hear the gist all around.”
“I didn’t want to spread the news that was why I didn’t tell her and perhaps I thought she knew.” I lied.
“Secondly, am so sorry for the other day. I never meant to embarrass you. Perhaps, there was nothing between me and that guy, we are just classmates.”
“Ehn Ehn?”
“Yes Dear.” She said with a smile on her face.
“Ok. That’s gone. I am sorry also for the other day. I never meant to hurt you. Pardon me.” I said.
“Baby it’s ok. We are cool.” She said.
She shifted close to me, grabbed me closer and kissed me. Oh my God! I felt I was in heaven. We kissed passionately. I was so engrossed and became so uncontrollably high, accumulated energy from Sister Grace’s uncompleted performance. Kofo was already moaning before the show began. She was loosing my belt and I was unbuttoning her blouse.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was at the door again.


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