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I still didn’t believe he was not in the room, so I began to search odd places for him. I opened my locked wardrobe, I checked under the bed, I peep inside the flask. I kept searching for him as if he was an object.
“You are wasting our time o.” Mr Okanlawon yelled.
“Am coming sir.” I replied, frightened.
I quickly dialed his mobile number but it wasn’t reachable, I guess he must have switched it off. Where could Bayo be? I asked myself and thought for some seconds. While I was still busy thinking, Mr Okanlawo entered my room, I swiftly pretended to be on call. Mr Okanlawon watched me move around the room yelling at the anonymous receiver. Banji, this is how madness starts, I almost said. I was busy lying to myself, acting one-man drama and using the opportunity to think of where Bayo could be. I turned and looked at Mr Okanlawon whose face was already squeezed in anger. I paused the drama by ending the fake call.
“Do you know you are wasting our time?” Mr Okanlawon angrily said.
“Am sorry Sir.” I apologized. “I was talking with that my friend.”
“Ehn Ehn, what’s my business?” He replied, still with an angry face.
“He said he’s in class at the moment.” I lied.
“Oya let’s go to your class.”
That was the only place I think Bayo could be for several reasons. Bayo doesn’t miss classes, that made him one of the geniuses in our class. The other reason being that there’s a lecture going on presently at the department. I suppose to be in class, yet am parading around the school with two old men, I almost said.
I entered the security van off to my department. I couldn’t help but pray I see Bayo. How I wish I could turn the hands of time backwards, I thought again.
“My spirit dey tell me sey na you kill that student.” Mr Okanlawon blindly accused.
I kept mute and just concentrated on my silent prayer. The car parked and we all alighted. I couldn’t perceive any of my course mate around, so I hastened my steps to the lecture room. The two security men maintained a close gap, thinking I would flee. The lecture room was unusually quiet, so I peeped through the window to get wind of what’s happening. I saw every Tom, Dick, and Harry writing. It wasn’t yet clear to me until I looked at the white board. Test! Test was written boldly on the board. I missed another test again. I felt my life has completely ended. I wished I could exchange myself for Emeka. I wanted to died. I couldn’t go in to take the test because of the Goliaths behind me.
“You no see am?” Mr Okanlawon asked. “I know sey you no go see am. Liar!”
“Abeg make we dey go.” The other security personnel added.
They ushered me into the van again and zoomed off to their office. I wished I could take my life at that time. My life was already in a mess. Bayo was no where to be found, I missed another crucial test and I haven’t tasted any meal or drink since morning. Who have I wronged? I have known no peace for two days now, I ruminated. The van finally parked. We alighted and I was taken to the CSO. We entered his office to meet him eating. We were about excusing him when he asked us to stay back. He abandoned his meal, drank water to signal he was ready. I steadily gazed at the bottle of fanta on his table. That was meant for me, I almost said. He cleared his throat to get all our attention.
“Okanlawon, what happened?” The CSO asked. “Where is the other boy?”
“Oga Sir, We no see the boy for him room.” Mr Okanlawon replied.
Furiously the CSO yelled, “Are you joking?”
“No Sir. We even go him department, we no see still am.” Mr Okanlawon said. “Oga Sir, this boy sabi lie. He tell us sey the boy dey class. We reach, we no see am.”
The CSO gazed at me cruelly and said, “Banji, what have you to say?”
With a pitying look I replied, “Sir, can I talk to you in private?”
Mr Okanlawon and his fellow were asked to wait outside. I never thought I would go through all these trouble.
“Am listening. Go on.” The CSO urged.
With tears dribbling from my cheeks, I said, “Sir, I swear with my life that I didn’t harbor Bayo in my room. Bayo is a cult member Sir. He and his gang kidnapped me so I won’t reveal their secrets. These all happened yesterday night Sir.”
“So how do you manage to escape from them?” He asked, not believing me still.
“Sir, I struggled my way out Sir.”
“And you want me to believe that?”
“Sir, Please Sir. That’s the truth Sir.” I said crying bitterly.
I’m yet to figure out what ministered to the CSO when he said, “Wipe your tears Banji.”
That sentence fueled the engine that produces tears in me. I cried more and more aloud. I never stopped until he angrily commanded me to. I wiped my face vigorously without an evidence that I cried.
“Sit down.” He said.
I sat and replied, “Thank you Sir.”
He pushed his leftover meal to me and pointed at the bottle of fanta and said, “That’s yours.”
At first I felt shy, I was romancing the food with the spoon but immediately the CSO got engrossed on his laptop, I gobbled all the food within seconds. The noise that came from scratching the plate with the spoon for the last grains of rice got the attention of the CSO.
“Are you through?” He asked surprised.
“Yes Sir.” I replied, licking my soiled lips, the food was very delicious.
“So fast?”
I smiled and replied, “Yes Sir.”
I immediately gulped the fanta, I finished it in a jiffy. I almost vomited all that I have ingested when the CSO called Mr Okanlawon to go detain me in the guardroom. I wanted to cry but I was too chock-full to weep. Mr Okanlawon ushered me to a dark room and closed the door. I rested my head on the door to pacify when I heard a rumbled voice welcomed me. I was agitated. I turned around and was shocked with whom I saw.


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