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My heart was beating very fast and loud, so loud that I could hear it. I remained at a standstill, like the three traditional statue positioned at Lagos gateway, still holding her bag with my left hand while my right hand acted like a car wiper, cleaning the sweat that covered my face. My brain was thinking of what to say as she approached where I was, her sit, with a deadly frown on her face.

“You all better settle down now!” Dr Longe commanded, “You should have been ready for my class.”

Nobody messes around with Dr Longe, not after what he did to Ibrahim, a 400 level student, last session. It happened that Dr Longe entered their class and ordered everyone to be silent, but Ibrahim was busy conversing with his hausa friend, Ahmad. Dr Longe again ordered for decorum. The class became quiet, so quiet to hear a pin drop.

“Kai mutumin nan mai sanko kai kokari ka samu mataji.” Ibrahim muttered, which means ‘Bald-headed man, kindly get a comb.’

Ahmad chuckled; he quickly concealed the sound and his teeth from becoming evident with his left palm. Dr Longe feasted his eyes on Ibrahim. Ibrahim similarly gazed longingly at Dr Longe.

“Lai lai ba shaka, zan samu mataji.” Dr Longe enunciated still fixing his eyes on Ibrahim, which means ‘Sure, I will definitely get a comb.’

The whole class was flabbergasted. They never believed Dr Longe understood hausa, debatably speaking it because of his chronic yoruba accent. The class suddenly became rowdy.

“Who was he talking to?” Some asked nosily, “What is the meaning of what he said?”

Dr Longe who was dressed in a native attire with his cap on, with a frown on his face removed his cap slowly, just to make his bald head noticeable enough for all to see. His eyes was still fixed on Ibrahim, who was sitted shocked at Dr Longe’s response to what he said.

“Kai! How this man come hear wetin I talk?” he said to himself, “I no shout na. This man don dey use juju.”

“Get out!” Dr Longe interrupted his thought, pointing to the door.

The whole class became more rowdy. Ibrahim never hesitated, he pick up his bag and bounced out of the class.
Ibrahim is a living proof that Dr Longe is a strict man. Afterwards, we learnt a vital lesson we hardly will forget; never to underestimate someone’s ability and never to mess with Dr Longe. Ibrahim had to take Dr Longe’s course again because he failed it. Ibrahim explained all this to me.

I immediately jumped out of Sade’s sit before she got to me. My heart was still racing while I hurriedly find my way to my sit. Bayo joined me immediately with a frown on his face.

“Why were you slow?” He murmured.

I never gave him a response because I had in me the fear of Dr Longe. I can forfeit 30marks but not 70marks, was the caution that kept my lips sealed.

“Why on earth were you slow?” Bayo added with a pinch on my thigh.

I squeezed my face in pain, my eyes fixed on Dr Longe and responded quietly “You must be crazy o!”

“Hey! You! Looking at me, stand up!” Dr Longe said with a surly look on his face.

My mind, like a bluetooth transfer of a 1kb file, very quickly recalled Ibrahim’s story. It was almost happening just like his.

“Am in for it today” I said to myself, “Omo Bayo yi ti ko mi si wahala,” which means ‘Bayo, has landed me in trouble.’

I immediately developed goose pimples. My heart was beating so fast that I began to pray muted while I was standing waiting to be sentenced.

“Why are you sitted behind today?” He asked curiously.

My heart immediately halted its 100metres race. I let my breath out and instantly became relaxed like a deflated baloon. I never knew he has always noticed me sitted in the front row.

“I—I—I fe—felt like sir.” I stuttered, knowing fully well what transfered me to the back sit; filching 301.

“Come back to your sit!” He commanded, pointing to where he frequently sees me.

I swiftly and gladly picked my bag away from the demon-disguised friend, Bayo, who almost landed me in trouble. As soon as I was settled down, Dr Longe started his lecture. I wasn’t really interested because my mind was divided, many things flashing in and out it. I was thinking about how I foolishly drooled over my assignment, how I was caught red handed about to steal Sade’s assignment, how I won’t even have anything to submit when asked to, how I would lose 30marks to carelessness, how I will read hard to pass the course with 70marks left. I really felt disappointed with myself.
My attention was called back when Dr Longe’s phone rang, so unusual. He brought his phone out and checked it. He tilted his head 85 degrees to the left and thought for some seconds.

“Sade! Come here!” He said demonstrating with his index finger.

Strange again. He never gets close to any student. Everyone was amazed at his sudden change. Sade got to him in a jiffy. I had the opportunity to look behind to Bayo and give him some abusive signs with my hand for his actions that almost landed me in trouble. When I returned my head to its position, I saw Sade pointing at me.


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