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I decided to halt and surrender, so I turned around, raised my hands relinquishing all I’ve got. I was surprised to see the police van pass by me. I was still standing like a moron with my hands still raised up because I was still suffering from the shock that the police weren’t after me. I foolishly went back to the security office to accomplish my set goal. I kept snuffing out the still small voice that kept telling me to retreat away from the whole issue. I have to get myself out of this mess, I murmured. I got to the security office and walked boldly in, Mr Okanlawon was no where around. I approached another security personnel.
“Sir, Please I want to see the Chief Security Officer.” I gently requested.
“For what?”
“He asked me to come see him.” I lied to gain access to him.
“Wait, am coming.”
He left me while I sat on a bench waiting. I was praying that Mr Okanlawon doesn’t come into play at the time because he is an illiterate. He almost implicated me without hearing me out. I brightened up when I saw the security man coming back.
“You may go in now.” He said and directed me. “Go left, then turn right. The first room by your left is his office.”
“Thank you sir.” I appreciated and walked on.
My heart was producing some musical rhythm, beating faster than ever. I don’t know how I would explain the whole incident to the chief security officer. I shrugged off and decided to go with the flow. I knocked on the door, to hear a deep voice roared at me to come in. I thought to myself, that deep voice is one of the criteria for appointing someone as a security officer because the two other security officers I met have the same depth in their voices.
“Good morning sir!” I greeted, bowing my head.
The CSO looked at his wrist watch and responded, “Good afternoon.”
I quickly checked around his office for a wall clock to confirm the hour of the day because I wasn’t wearing my wrist watch. I confirmed the time and corrected myself, “Good afternoon sir!”
“Sit down.”
I sat and said, “Thank you sir.”
“I can’t remember seeing this face.” He said, “you told the security that I asked you to come?”
“Yes sir. Erm—er–erm sir.” I stuttered.
“Calm down boy. Ok, fine. What can I do for you?”
“Sir, I have an information to give you sir.”
“Go on. Go ahead.” He said, adjusting his chair forward.
“Sir, about the gun shot that occurred yesterday night.”
“Ehn Ehn go on.” He sound so interested.
“I know who shot the gun.” I fearfully said.
“Are you serious?!” He yelled, banging his desk hard with his hand.
“Sir! Please, am not the one.” I quickly explained.
He calmed down, reduced his tone and said, “I never said you’re the one. I was only asking how sure are you.”
“Ok Sir. I am very sure who shot the gun.”
“Wow, am happy. Please go on. Am listening.” He said, nodding his head and smiling. “Wait. What will you drink? Fanta?”
“No sir. I am ok.” I lied because of a truth I needed that fanta now or never; I was so parched after the dash from the police. I prayed he insisted for me to drink, I would grab the opportunity this time.
“No. At least take water.” He changed my choice of drink.
He was about pulling a call through when I cut in, “Sir, please the fanta will do.”
He smiled and ordered for a bottle of fanta and two bottles of water. I was glad deep down in my heart. I learnt a little lesson for that moment, that many have settled for less because they were shy. I wouldn’t let that be me, may God never turn my fanta to water, I prayed silently.
“Before we continue, what’s your name?” He asked still smiling.
“Sir, I am Banji.”
“Hmm. Baaaannnnjjjjjjiiiiii!” He stressed my name.
“What Sir?” I asked inquisitively.
“That’s my son’s name too. Banji.” He said, “ok, continue with the information.”
“The person that shot the gun is Bayo, one of my friends.”
“Wait a second.” He said, opening his drawer to get a pen and a jotter. “Please continue.”
“We were together yesterday night when he shot Chinedu and Emeka.”
“Why? Why did he shoot them?” He interrogated further.
“The four of us had little misunderstanding and we all engaged in a fight. I was beaten and I lay weak on the floor when I heard him shoot.”
“Hmmmm. That’s cruel.” He said and asked, “where is the Bayo presently?”
“He is in my room.” I said boldly.
I never knew I had already set my knicker ablaze. The CSO looked at me lividly like someone who lost a lottery he spent his last money on.
“So you’re harboring a criminal all the while!” He angrily yelled.
“No Sir. It’s not like that Sir.” I tried explaining.
“It’s like how boy? It’s like how? Tell me.” He kept yelling loud when two security personnel rushed in; Mr Okanlawon was among the two.
They saluted and Mr Okanlawon asked, “Any problem sir?”
“Okanlawon!” The CSO called.
“Sir!” He shouted, saluted and stood at attention.
“Take this boy to his room and bring him back with his friend.” He commanded.
“Ok Sir!” Mr Okanlawon shouted. “Permission to carry on, Sir?”
“Permission granted.” The CSO dismissed them.
“Bloody boy! Jump up!” The other security man shouted at me.
I turned around to come in contact with Mr Okanlawon, who quickly explained to the CSO, that I was the one who ran away after confessing I was the criminal. The CSO just couldn’t wait to see me return with Bayo, so he waved at eye servicing Mr Okanlawon to get out and do as he had commanded.
I was driven in the school security van to my hall to fetch Bayo. I was moving slowly ahead of the two security men attached to me. I will sure get out of this when I hand Bayo over to you, I assured myself. We all climbed the stairs and walked through the corridor to my room. We got to my room, I opened the door while the two were outside. I shouted Bayo’s name but I got no response. I checked the two segments of the room, still I didn’t find him. Bayo was gone.


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