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Not again, not again today I said to myself. The hand still rested on my shoulder without shifting its position. My mind was already made up for the worst. I slowly turned around to confirm whose hand it was. I was alarmed when I saw who it was, Bayo.
“Shush.” He sounded with his index finger on his lips, telling me to be quiet.
I was surprised to see him in my room. I thought I searched the two segments of the room, where did he hide? I asked myself.
“Banji, you have to help me here.” Bayo pleaded and added, “I need you now more than ever.”
“Before you make your devilish request again, I would have to ask you few questions.” I said with a bossy face.
“Go ahead. I will sure have an answer.” He replied.
“First, How did you get into my room and why did you come?”
“I entered early this morning.” He said. “Many students are gathered in front of my room, even the school security, so I have to come take shelter here.”
“Ok. Fine. Secondly.” I said when Bayo interrupted.
“Banji, please I have no time for all these.” He said, covered all over with pity. “Help me please.”
“Guess you don’t need my help.”
“Please Banji, Please.” He said on his knees.
I was dazzled by Bayo’s pleas. Bayo on his knees? I still can’t believe. He really must need my help, I thought.
“Ok Ok Ok. Fine. What’s it?” I said with a pompous pose, “how may I be of help?”
“Banji, am wanted!” He fearfully said grabbing me by my shoulder. “Everyone is looking for me.”
“Then, how is that my business?”
“Banji, you know we were together all the while Emeka and Chinedu died.”
“Ehn! Please and please don’t say that again.” I warned. “We were not together and I know nothing about their death and how you killed them.”
“Banji, let’s pour it all on Strike.” He said, “let’s pour it on him if it becomes hotter than this.”
I nodded to agree with him just to ease him off my neck. He proceeded to Emeka’s wing to lay on his bed while I went to mine. Bayo became restless all the while he was chilling out on Emeka’s bed, I could hear him move around. He couldn’t bear it any longer so he came to me.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing.” He replied. “I am fine.”
“Sure, you are not.” I said. “You are feeling guilty about Emeka’s death, huh?”
He bent his head remorseful and sat on my bed. Bayo was so dejected after telling him what really have been lurking around him.
“Bayo are you a cultist?” I boldly asked.
He raised his head and gazed at me for some seconds and bowed his head again. I moved closer to him, and raised his head up.
“Are you a cult member?” I restated my question.
“Banji, It’s a long story.” He said sorrowfully.
“Am not in a haste.” I replied. “Perhaps, I just have a lecture and that’s in the afternoon. Speak on.”
He paused for some seconds and explained, “It all started when I resumed as a freshman. I really can’t differentiate my right from my left, all seem good to me. I had a ‘rock it all’ mentallity. I guess I interpreted this saying, ‘pass through the school and let the school pass through you’ wrongly. My parents restricted my movements all through when I was in secondary school. I exploded now that I have the opportunity to be far from them. My calamity started when I met Akingbide Sukanmi. He–”
“Who is Akingbide Sukanmi?” I interupted quickly.
“Oh! Sorry. I mean Strike.” Bayo clarified.
“Ok. Now I get. Continue.”
He adjusted his sitting position and continued, “I met Strike at the cafeteria. That faithful day, he sat with his cliques, they were all eating on the same table when I entered to eat also. I bought my food and quietly sat at a corner a bit distant from them. I was eating when he ordered his guys to bring me to where they were. I didn’t resist because I wanted to make a whole lot of friends. I sat so comfortable with them. Then, they were all about to leave when Strike gave me an invitation to a club party. I went. It took place that night. While grooving and catching fun, a girl came to me and whispered in my ears to follow her. I couldn’t resist her beauty so I followed. She took me to a small and dark room. I was quite scared so I asked her what’s she up to and she said I should sit while she goes to change in the bathroom. I was so happy thinking she wanted to give it to me free. Unknowing to me, It was a trick to get me to meet Strike. He came out fierce looking with a dagger in his hand. I knew immediately I was in danger. I couldn’t do anything because his gangs came out one after the other to join him. He asked me a question which I quickly gave an answer to because I don’t want to die.”
“What question?”
“Will you join us?” Bayo replied, “I immediately said yes because I was scared he will kill me if I said no.”
“So how where you initiated?” I curiously asked.
“It’s so terrible to describe.” He said.
“Just go ahead and describe.” I said, acting like a FBI.
“They brought human blood in a ”
Bang! Bang!! A knock on the door.


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