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Segun came out of his room dressed in a sky blue
long sleeves shirt with a black jacket on
a black
varsace pant trouser and a black paul
smith pimpsole shoe.
He was looking cute and handsome with
He got out into the compound looked at
himself in the side mirror of the Nissan Murano
outside, feeling satisfied with his looks
he walked
out of the gate and headed towards the
junction of his street.
He boarded a bus towards Agodi GRA.
He dropped
in the bus-stop and walked towards the
GRA. He got
outside the gate and dialled Nike’s number.

“Hello, where are you?.” she said
from the other end.

“Am at the gate.” he informed.
Segun could hear her scream and telling
some people that he is around.
The gate opened and she stepped out.

“Happy birthday.” he said.

“Thanks.” she replied smilling.

They both walked in with Segun carrying
a bag pack. They walked towards the garden behind
the house
where tables and chairs were arranged.
She took Segun to a section of the
garden where
some guys and girls are seated. She introduced
them as her classmates in school. She
took him to
another part where her cousins and
distant family
members were seated before they rounded up the
introduction spree at the section where
neighbours were seated.

She led him through the pathway
between the lawns walking towards the main house.
They entered the sitting room where her
and some other elders were seated.

“Good afternoon sir.” he greeted
“Segun, i thought you wouldn’t come.
How are you?”

“Am fine sir.” he replied.

Nike led him back into the garden. He sat
down on
an empty seat while Nike quickly ordered
refreshments for him. Nike left him
occassionally to
welcome her guests.

At exactly 12pm the party was declared
opened by Ambrose(Nike’s big bro).
The party continued until when the
celebrant was
called upon to cut the cake in company
of two best
friend of hers. Nike got up and walked towards the
stage. She
collected the microphone and called on
Segun and
Matilda (her cousin).
The cake was cut
and photographs were taken. The dj began
showing his
skills by playing varieties of party
nigerian hip-hop
music. Everyone present was tempted
to dance.
Nike’s dad beckoned on Segun to
come to his table.

He asked him personal questions like his
background and future ambition before
the man dropped the bomb by asking Segun a life
and direct
question which requires a quick answer.

“Is it true that you love my princess?”
the man
“We are just friends sir.” Segun

“Friends? I heard your good deeds and
the way you
saved her from that rascal.” he said.

“I just did what anybody in my shoes will do.” Segun

“But you took a great risk by standing
up against
those guys and i must commend you.”
he said extending his hands for a handshake.

“Thank you sir.” Segun said shaking
hands with him.

“But i’ll want you to think about
dating my daughter
because she has been disturbing me and i get my
daughter the best things.” he

“Okay sir.” Segun replied.

They both continued discussing until the
celebrant showed face.

“Dad. Excuse me i want to dance with
him.” Nike
said smiling.

“Oh! You are free to.” her father
She took Segun by the hand and dragged
him to the
dance floor despite Segun pleading to be
freed as he
doesn’t know how to dance.

Immediately they got to the dance floor, everybody
left for their seats to watch the celebrant

“Nike, please i don’t know how to
dance.” Segun
“Please just shake your body in line
with the beat.”
She pleaded.

“I will just be making a fool of
myself.” he stressed
“Segun please.” she pleaded.

“Okay.” he replied.

Segun tried his possible best to dance in
line with
the rythm while Nike danced perfectly
as if she was born to dance.

The rest of the guest joined them in
dancing and
when the dance floor became rowdy,
Segun had to
pull out and he walked to a seat without notifying

He sat down on an empty seat and
brought out his

“Hey!” she called.
“Hello.” he replied.

“Can i sit with you?” she asked.

“Why not?” he replied pointing to
another empty

“My name is Mercy and you?” she said sitting down.

“My name is Segun.” he replied.

“So you are my cousin’s
boyfriend?” she asked

“No, am just a friend.” he replied.
“Don’t tell me that. You need to see
how Nike talks
about you every now and then.” she
told him.

Segun kept mute trying to digest what
he just heard.
“Tell me, don’t you feel something for
her?” she

“I do but that doesn’t mean i’ll
make it known to
her.” Segun lied.
“Be right back let me get you
something to drink.”
she said and ran towards the main
house to get him
a drink.

Nike walked towards him with an angry face. Nike approached Segun with anger
written all over
her face.

“Why did you leave me alone on the
dance floor?”
she asked.
“The place has become over
crowded.” he

“And that made you leave without
telling me?” she
asked. Mercy returned with a bottle of wine and
two glass

“Guess you guys have met
yourselves.” Nike said.

“Yeah.” Segun replied.
“I think i should leave you guys to your

Mercy said taking her leave.

“What about the wine?” Segun asked.

“You two use it and step down.”
mercy replied laughing.

“Naughty girl.” Nike said.

Silence took over the atmosphere
between them.

“Segun.” she called.

“Yes.” he replied.
“Do you know you suprised me
today?” she asked.

“No i don’t. Why?” he replied.

“I never believed you’ll come.” she

“Nothing can stop me from coming to your party.”
he replied.

“I really appreciate your coming.”
she said.

Segun unhooked his bagpack and
brought out a parcel wrapped with a gift wrapper.

She collected it and opened it in his

“Wow! This is beautiful.” she said
In her
hand is a wrist watch and a necklace.
She held his hands in hers and looked
into his eyes,
tears dropped from her eyes. Segun was
seeing her cry.
She quickly removed her
“Am sorry.” she said wiping the tears
with her

They continued their chit-chat until
announced he wanted to leave.
“How i wish you don’t leave.” she
said sadly.

“Me too. But i have no choice.” he

“Come and inform daddy that you are
going.” she advised.

They both stood up and headed to the
main house.
They entered the sitting room and found
her parents
watching a news programme on channels.

“Daddy, am leaving..” he said.

“So soon?” her mother asked.

“Yes ma, i have some things to attend
to.” he
“Okay.” she replied.

“Let me call someone to drive you
home.” her father

“I’ll sort my self out sir.” Segun
“Nike go and get him a take away.”
her mum

“Don’t bother ma.” segun replied.

They both walked out of the house into
the street heading towards the bus/stop.

Some minutes later, Nike’s phone rang
and checking
the caller, she discovered it was
She removed her phone and checked the caller. It
was Emmanuel, Segun urged her to pick
it and
activate loudspeaker mode.

“Hello.” she greeted calmly.

“You have just drawn the battle line. I promise you
that one of us gats to cry at the end. I
dated you for
a whole year without cheating but
because you have
found a guy of your social level you jilted me and
clinged unto him. I tell you are gonna
regret it.” he
shouted from the other end.

“Emma what nonsense are you
saying? I thought you have broken up with me.” she

“Me saying nonsense? I broke up with
you doesn’t
mean i have cleared you to have
another relationship.” he replied.

“Mr man shut up and stop saying
rubbish.” Segun

“Wow! So you are there with her? I
promise you’ll cry.” Emma said.

They continued in their hot verbal
exchange before
Segun angrily cut the call.

“This guy is a beast.” Segun said
They got to the bus/stop and Segun
hopped into a
waiting cab.

“Thanks for making my day.” Nike

“Its nothing.” Segun replied.


“Welcome bro.” Mary greeted.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Am fine.” she replied.

“Is mummy back?” he asked.
“Yes. Where did you go?” she asked
with concern.

“A friend’s birthday.” he said and
left for his room.

He got to his room changed his clothes
and took a shower. He laid down to take a nap then
he started
reminiscing of the incidents of the day.
Ranging from the way Nike introduced
him to other
guests, Nike’s dad’s questions, their(Nike and him)

“What could have cause this girl to
shed tears?” he
asked himself before nature did his
work by taking him to the wonderland.


“Bro Segun.” Mary called knocking on
his door.

He woke up and opened the door for her. She stood
at the door post and delivered the

“Mummy wants you downstairs.” she

“But why can’t you tell her am sleeping?” he asked

“I told her but she wouldn’t listen.”
Mary explained.

“Okay, tell her am coming.” he said
with a tone of dismissal.
He shut his door and went into
bathroom to rinse his face.

He came out minutes later and headed
for the
sitting room.
“Welcome ma.” he greeted as he
descended the

“Where did you go today?” she

“I went to a friends place.” he replied.
“So because of a friend you refused
going on a
proposed date with your girlfriend? You
are a
disappointment.” his mother said
“I have told you times without number,
it is over
between Jummy and I.” he explained.

“It is a must you date her.” she

“But mum, why are you so concerned about me
dating this girl? Moreso, you once told
me, she
doesn’t fit me.” he asked his mum.

“You want to know why?” she asked.

“Yes.” he answered.
“I’ll tell you.” she replied and
cleard her throat.


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