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…I sent another message to Anita, ”you there?”
It was still one tick. I checked my whatsapp list again in ten minutes, and I saw that my message had double ticks. Yes!!

I stayed on her page, until i saw ”typing” on top of the screen.

Another ”haha” entered.

Wetin sef? I thought.

Then I saw ”typing” again.
She told me that she was not a lesbian, and Mariam was just her close friend.

I asked, ”how close?”

she said, ”just close nah”

I said I’ve heard her, then told her that Nigerian girls are no always fully lesbian sef.

She asked ‘why?’

I explained that most Nigerian lesbians are usually bi-intimate.

She laughed.

I replied with ”Naija girls like D nah”.

She said, ”maybe not all”.

I asked her where she stood, and she told me she was in the middle of everything.

”Gbam! You’re bi then”.

She laughed and asked me why i’m so insistent.

I was happy in my mind, because this is the first time I had been able to drag her into this kinda topic.
I asked her what she was doing.

She said ”nothing”, and there was no light too.

I told her that we had light and asked her if she’d been to my
house before.

She said she hadnt, that only her brothers had been to my house.

I then asked her if she would like to come and waste some of the time she was wasting in her house with me.

She said she was not going to come, and gave a stern face smiley.

I told her that i’d cook.

”cook? Haha”

”yes nah, I can cook…”

”i will come if you can make pounded yam with egusi soup..haha”

This was obviously a tactic to ward me off. She thought i would decline, but she had no idea that my mom had prepared egusi soup the previous day.


”okay what??”

”I’ll grant your wish, but it’ll be poundo yam ooo”

she laughed and said, okay.

Na iya Risi shop sure pass. Poundo-yam things on point.

…My momsi was not around but my sister was in her room, sleeping, i think. I was not sure. I did not want to disturb her to help me cook anything, so I set out by myself to Iya Risi’s shop, just beside my house. I got back and messaged Anita to know where she was. She said she was still in her house preparing to come already.
Ah ah! Theres still time!
I got to my room, arranged everything I could arrange and spread my bed. I even arranged things that were already arranged.
After that, I went to the kitchen and put water in the electric kettle to boil.

While it was boiling, I ran to my room again and got my towel. I stripped to my boxer shorts and tied my towel around my waist before I went to my box to get another boxer short.
Have you ever brushed two times in a space of 4 hours? Yes, I know, you havn’t. I did.
I used my sponge so fast and concentrated most on my d*ck, which made things easier by being hard.
I got out of the bathroom in my towel, partially running to my room. I slipped a little and was close to falling down dramatically, but thank God our passage is not that wide so I got support.
I moisturised my body a little, before wearing one loose fitted
short and a tight fitted top. I quickly ran to the kitched and pressed a button on the kettle so that the water would start boiling again.

I ran back to my room, this time carefully, and used a little body
I messaged Anita again, ”Howfar?”

She did not reply, so i took it as a positive answer. Maybe she was
on a bike, so she couldnt reply. I quickly went to the kitchen again
and pressed that same button again, and this time, the kettle
tripped off by itself in just some seconds.
I pulled my shirt and started off making the poundo-yam, in my
mom’s special style. I wont explain that one. Girls, come and see me for special tutoring on how to make it. Guys, una no need the
After I was done, I went back to the sitting room and rested a bit, bringing my temperature back to normal.

Just some minutes later, I heard the gate. The knock was subtle, but was passing a message like a talking drum.
I got in my shirt and went out to open the gate for ‘her’. I hadn’t seen her yet, but somehow I was sure it was her. I went to the gate and opened it. It was the boy who sold oranges that always came in a three days interval. I told him to come the next day. If it wasnt for the good spirit of self control i had learnt in church the previous sunday, I would have slapped the poor boy for not being her.
I went back inside and retrieved my phone from the combined armrest of the chair I was sitting earlier on.
There was a message waiting for me already.
It was from Anita.
It read that she was in my street but did not know how to get to my house. I did not even bother replying, I just dashed outside, closed the door quickly, wore my Pam-sandals and went out the gate to start looking for her. I saw her on my first look. She was looking aimlessly lost. I waved, but she did not see me, so I started treking towards her. I didnt like the idea of shouting someone’s name from a far distance like that. She saw me when I was still halfway from her. She frowned.

”this your street wants to lost me”, she said.

”sorry joh.. Hope this sun has not taken anything from you?”

she laughed, ”haba??..”

I got her finger and applied a little pressure, insinuating that she
should follow me.
As we got to my house, the silly people took light (power outage).
Chai.. I was the first to notice, before she did.

”Is there light like this?”

”…er..they just took it oo”
she halted.
I looked at her and smiled, I reminded her that its not because of
light she came. She replied that its part of the reasons.
I told her not to worry, that I’ll have everything sorted out. She joked that I was sounding like a NEPA official. I laughed hysterically.

We got inside, and she got to the regular ritual of looking around and nodding her head.

”..its not mine” I joked, as she saw lip gloss on one of the sofas.


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