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Desmond: No jare, i told you i will retake it next session. I didn’t even read for the exam sef, what did want to go and write?

Me: Desmond, go to school…

Held my face, kissing me…

Desmond: See, lets do the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ style in my room. I’ve got the equipment.

My head swell up straight, i was so interested, unfortunately the unexpected happened while doing the fifty shades of grey, cos it turned to to be ‘Fifty Shades Of Disgrace’ for me.

While in his room doing the Fifty shades of gray style, if you don’t know the meaning of Fifty shades of grey style, it can also be referred to as S&M. Desmond tied my hands up to an iron, covered my eyes with a clothes, whipping me, it was exciting, i didn’t see what he was doing, whipping my Buttocks, my Bosom, sucking my Bosom and Kittycat, then he began to bang me from behind while my hands were tied up, and eyes covered, he was banging me really hard, doing it so fast, suddenly someone opened the door and i heard ‘Jesus Christ’….

I was nervous, i knew someone has caught us, but i don’t who the person is cos my eyes were covered…

Me: Daniel who is that? (Struggling) Who is that? Remove this thing from my eyes now…

He removed it and what i saw was disheartening, i saw Aunt Sarah collapsed on the floor, she caught us red handed…

Desmond rushed to his mum…

Desmond: Mummy, wake up, mummy i’m sorry…

i was Shivering and struggling to untie myself

Me: Desmond, untie my now, untie me, untie me.

I was really struggling to untie myself, i just don’t that power that took hold of me, i forcefully untie myself. I rushed to my room, while Desmond was still reviving his mum, i packed some of my things and ran away from that house. I was so disturbed, i couldn’t cry, i was really mad, i was nervous, i’m a disgrace, i’m a big shame, i didn’t know where to go to, i can’t go to my grandmother’s place, where will i go? I’m so ashamed of myself, i’m a total failure. What was she doing at home? How did she find us, maybe it was Desmond’s friends that informed her about us cos he missed his exam. I was so ashamed of myself, i began to cry on the street, i didn’t know where to go. I hope, aunt Sarah didn’t die, i’ve lost another family who took me as theirs with my wayward life. My phone began to ring, i checked the caller, it was my stepfather, i didn’t want to pick it, the kept on calling, i picked it.

Me: Hello, I’m coming to Lagos (on the phone)

I hung the call….. That is my last option, where else can i go? Since my step father still cares about me, i guess that is my last bus stop. I was really confused, i can’t just go back to that house, i can’t, it better i go back to Lagos. I made up my mind to go back to Lagos, i reached for a nearby ATM and withdrew some money. Thank God for savings, assuming i didn’t save i would have been totally stranded. I went straight to car park and took the next available bus down to Lagos.

In the bus to Lagos, i was totally in deep thought, that was how i lost another caring family out my wayward life, what if my mother heard about this, how would she react? She can never forgive me again, i am totally rejected by everybody, except for my stepfather and step brother, that’s why i decided to run to them. Is it really my fault? Desmond should be blamed for all these, i didn’t want this to happen. I’m so stupid right now, can someone wake me up, am i dreaming, how i wish this was a dream.


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