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Was washing the car when Esther came in through the gates, she just greeted me and mocked me washing the car in the afternoon like “Awww! My poor baby, showing another talent of his.. So touching“..
That wasn’t what I was expecting though , I thought I was now a god to her, that she would hug me but who sigh? She went straight to the house anyways..
Still displaying my talent , my mind decided to pop up a query that goes thus:
“Why did Daniel ask of Esther? Why did he ask you to wash the car by this time? And why was he behaving somehow when you did a little amebo?”..

It was then I thought of something you will probably be thinking of now.. But I couldn’t just believe it, so I just hurried up to wash the car in order to return the keys to Uncle’s room to see if what YOU are thinking right now and what I WAS thinking was true.
On my way to his room, I decided to check on Abigail in her room but I could see she was deeply asleep(Thanks to me ), this made me smile a little and returned to my straight face as I headed to uncle’s room.
I tried listening through the door or peeping through the Key Hole but damn all those Turkish Bullet Proof doors!!! The thing nor gree me peep or even listen..
*Oh! Daniel was into imported luxury doors and kitchen cabinets *

“How I go do am now? Make I knock? Or make I just go to the window make I see if I go hear
anything? Nah.. The window will be closed because of the AC.. Abi make I shout “Uncle’?”..
that was my mind wandering aroung the place..
I was lost in thoughts while my ear was still pasted on the door(the yeye thing still wan hear something mtchewww) when I heard a door opened.. With some speed, I wanted to act fast and be normal but before I could iron the planned action, I heard a voice say “Who are you eavesdropping on?”..
I knew who it was oh! But I still wanted to confirm…I looked up and it was Uncle Daniel coming out of Esther’s room with a face I will pass for that of an angry legion..
“Guy your own don done!!.. See your life?”..
My mind said as I jerked out in my local dialect that I was returning the keys to the car..

“Is that why you are eavesdropping?”.. He said in some commanding voice..

“Uncle no oh!.. I be dey knock but nobody answer, I come dey hear voices for my head, I been tink say na from this room e dey come, not knowing it was from the other room”.. I said with fear but adorned with senses…

“Will you shut up your mouth? Useless boy, the witches in your village are already talking to you eh? Common get out of here before I open my eyes”.. He said as he collected his keys..

*as for the Wicthes, Y’all know Edo na.. Juddywoko abeg yahn dem *

No.. I wasn’t sad , I knew what I said had some effects on him, especially when Esther come out of the room to see what was happening.. Instead, I left with a smile in my face and my mind kept on saying:
“Smart Guy.. He dey bleep Wife and In-law, come get another mistress outside, upon say he dey use (S) condom oh! Chai.. Make I catch that he wife that also cheats, she go confess say families indeed have different things in common”

I lost all my sense of pity for both Joyce and Daniel, and for Esther, the idea that she was having an affair with my uncle just made me want her more.. So I sat in the sitting room, thinking of how studip some people think..
My phone rang and it was my Mum, she asked how I was doing and how I am preparing for Jamb and all other mother-son stuffs, she mentioned something about a bad dream.. Me being in the middle of a storm but walking like nothing happened, like I was the master of the storm..

*Y’all know the stories and prayers *

After the call dropped, I always thought I had talents in interpreting dreams , so I interpreted the dream as me being in control of My Uncle, His wife and.. His three in-laws that came to spend christmas holiday.

*Good feeling I tell you *

“Ladi.. Am going out, when my Wife comes, tell her I went to Abu’s place aiite?”.. My Uncle said with a smile as he met me in the sitting room.

I didn’t reply(Strange?) and it looked like his guilty conscience was playing a game on him as he asked if I have eaten, if I had pocket money and if I have heard from my family.. As a sharp guy, I told him I was broke and surprisingly, he gave me Two Thousand Naira. He said stuffs about how sorry he was for shouting on me as his business trip was not that good and bleh bleh bleh.. (I swear I liked my new Uncle)
When he left, I just couldn’t stop to think how clueless he was.. The same Abu that has been oiling your wife’s engine? Na him u wan go see? Abeg dey go jare!


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