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I took 2 days off for thursday and friday from my work place earlier on that tuesday . I arranged all my original credentials in a file bag, and I took a cross bag (campus bag) containing 2 shirts, boxers, cream and my cards with me.

The file bag couldn’t enter the campus back so I held it on my hand.
I went straight to the abuja park at around 9am. At the row where I was sitting, we were two. A woman at the other extreme side, followed by me.

After about 10minutes, a very pretty and fair lady join us on the seat to complete the row. I fall in love with the scents of her perfume instantly. Her pink top was revealing the upper part of her bosoms.
Her lips was red and tempting. In short, I forgot about my mission and I was so lost into my new seat-mate. Few minutes later. The bus took off. I paid for my T.fare and I had 9,000 left with me. I forgot about my worries and I was thinking of how to initiate a chat with my new seat-mate. Each time I try to talk to her, I always got scared and I would keep quiet.

After about 1 hour into the journey. I took the courage to initiate a chat with her by asking her “what says the time?”. She replied me with a smile and the chemistry began to flow. One thing led to another, we got along in the bus as we were chatting and talking all through.

When we got to the highway where snacks were been sold. I bought 4 galas and 2 can drinks out of my remaining 9k and we shared it. “Chai onihaxy, if women no kill you, you go leave long”. She appreciated the snacks and we continue chatting until she fell asleep. I offered her my shoulder to lean her head on which she doesn’t mind.
As she placed her head on my shoulder, her compressed bosoms were pressing on my chest and I began to have “hard-on”. I placed my hands on her back and began to caress her but she didn’t respond, I guess she was so deep into sleep. When she woke up, we continued with our chats and discussions. Soon, we arrived at abuja at about 4pm and we alighted from the bus. I wanted to ask for her number but I was scared to do so. She left me at the park and took cab from there.

“Chai, I don miss my friend the event planner, he for don ginger me”.

I left the park in disappointment and I asked people around for where to get bus going to minna. I was directed to somewhere and I went there. I found a bus and arrived at minna at late in the night. I called tosin and he came to pick me up.

We got to his house and I was surprised at what I saw. My apartment in akure was ok than what I saw here despite my little salary. I wanted to ask him questions but I was so tired due to the journey. I just ate dinner and slept off.


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