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I completely forgot about my condom hunt when I saw Uzi’s silhouette though the shower. I froze in admiration.

It wasn’t as if she was bathing in the slow seductive way one would expect in a movie; she was thoroughly scrubbing different body parts but the angles of her positions looked perfectly seductive through that translucent sheet. I wanted to go in and touch her in certain places, but I have a deep fear of using the shower for such deeds. So I went back out to sort out my room.

She came out of the bathroom with my tower wrapped above her bust. It was a bit of a letdown but what the towel left uncovered was also very alluring. She went about looking for her clothes. Then we started talking.
She was making jest of my death-like sleep so I decided to make jest of her cries from the previous night. She found that embarrassing and blushed. She however found my question relating to the number of condoms we used hilarious.

I was thinking about my current spate of random sexual encounters and with one look at the girl before me, asked her to be my girlfriend. If getting dressed in front of me made her nervous, my question made it much worse. She rambled through different things we had to consider before we took such a step and how we had to be sure of what we wanted to get into. She eventually got dressed and left me with the assurance that she would consider it.

With a hug and a kiss, she went back to her home to prepare for work. After she had driven off, I realised that I didn’t really convince her to be lenient on Greg. Oh well, the guy is officially on his own. I went off to prepare for work. I had a feeling the day was going to be interesting.
I got to work a bit late; by late I mean I was the third person to show up. Greg was there and he didn’t have time for pleasantries. “Guy, how far?” he asked a bit anxiously. I seriously don’t understand how people think that the statement actually means anything. I just told him Uzi refused to tell me what she would choose so I recommended he try some prayer.
I was deliberately keeping my eyes from Uzi. I do not know what got into that girl, but she was all smiles and so cheerful I knew I would have a look on my face that would tell everyone what happened the night before. No one really guessed anything happened between us but Irene was curious as to why she was so cheerful, but I had no other option than to keep my trap shut.

They all went in once more to the boss’ office for a long discussion. In the whole two hours they were in there, Irene was giving me a narrative on how Greg had gotten everyone in the office to talk to Uzi in hopes of getting her to forgive him and drop the case but the girl was hell bent on getting him sacked. So basically, we were all just waiting for him to come out and start packing up his things.

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