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She was kissing me as if there was a news report that said my lips were the fountain of youth. That was a clear-cut sign that she was really passionate. I enjoyed her response to every touch of my hand. It felt like a magnet making contact with iron. Her body would whine to the rhythm of my touch in an earnest manner. Her hands were pulling me close to her from my waist even though somehow my jeans were still on me and she went on the date with me commando. That was the first thing I noticed when I pulled down her jeans.

I had fun squeezing the life out of her caged melons. I didn’t even need to pull them out of bondage to feel how tender they were. She was ripe everywhere a woman ought to be and my hands were having a field day exploring every inch of her. Her hands were also doing some roaming and soon enough she was handling my belt buckle. I soon discovered that I wearing jeans that used buttons instead of a zipper was not really a good idea but somehow, she managed to get them undone. My sergeant major and his two orderlies popped out of the barracks eager to fight the good fight. They loved her touch. Her hands really boosted morale in the regiment.

With her on her back again, I was able to get a hand free so it went down south to check the weather over there.

Luckily for me, there was a flash flood so, without further ado, the allied forces invaded Normandy. As I expected, the Germans were very receptive.

From that moment on it appeared that every inch of her body was connected to her vocal chords. It was as if I was trying to hold down a catfish in the water. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderfully loud experience. I fascinated by her passion. She whined her waist in ways that let me dive into depths I had never imagined myself reaching. It was such an amazing experience that I couldn’t help myself. The release I felt can only be described by words greater than “epic”.

I was knocked out and winded. She however wasn’t going to let my soldier die just like that so she wholeheartedly performed CPR it till he was back on its feet, ready for another tour of duty. Before I could recite the national pledge, she was on the poor beast riding him mercilessly. This time, she was the one who quaked and passed out on me. Our two breathless bodies looked like the ideal definition of contrast, but her smallish features blended well with mine.

Her heartbeat was strong and rhythmic. It was hard to ignore how calm she was because she wasn’t exactly a light lady. I really couldn’t just go to sleep with her by my side so I thought I would take the time to explore her a little more.

Somehow, the only makeup left on her face was eye shadow. Her caramel coloured lips had lost all its gloss, but they still looked so sweet. I couldn’t help but give her a peck. I kept close to her and exaggerated my breaths as I trailed down her neck towards her busts.
The twins were not as big as I expected, but they did have enough life in them to be impressive. On the twins were two small peaks of the same colour with her lips.

The islands around them were big and bumpy. I took a peak captive in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it while applying some pressure on it with my teeth. That simple act made her steadied breathing increase its tempo.

After toying with the twins with my mouth, I followed a faint trail of hair down to her navel. Over there I found a lonely bellybutton standing its ground alone. I couldn’t help but give it a gentle kiss. Somehow, that made her quake a bit (although the quake could be from what my stubborn hand was doing to her mamilla).

With my free hand pulling her closer from under her bum, I went further down the trail I was following. I was now at a little hill that had been recently mowed down. My mouth brushed against the small stubs that had survived the deforestation efforts.
I moved further south, deliberately passing the swollen mounds that were gently overflowing and rubbed my spiky trim moustache on her inner thigh, one after the other. I was looking for a reaction and when I got to a certain area, her legs jerked and I was momentarily clamped in-between them.
At this point, both hands were used in spreading her legs apart as I made for the centre. I introduced myself at the gates with kisses. A hand came to assist in our new endeavour. While I grabbed the hood of pleasure central and squeezed them with my lips and sometimes teeth, my fingers rolled the swollen centre. The moaning and twisting were reactions I expected, her hands grabbing the back of my head and pulling me further in however wasn’t something I was ready for.

Two fingers decided to go for a swim. The pool was filled to capacity. As my fingers reached for where my mouth was from inside, they came in contact with a delicate area. Each time they did, she would let out a deep groan.
So I increased the tempo in my fingers entry and exit making sure they scratched that surface as often as possible over prolonged periods.

I don’t know exactly how long I was handling issues over there but not long from my start she was screaming and then suddenly breathing heavily as if she was chased by a dog named rex.
Speaking of dogs, junior had an idea in that direction. So I turned her to her stomach (that girl was heavier than she looked). She understood what was coming and helped me position herself better although she was weak. My gentle entry was received with little reaction. I increased tempo almost immediately. It took a while for her to start responding to my thrusts. She peaked soon
after her moans were audible. I think she wanted to rest, but I don’t think she knew I wanted to hit the thirty-minute mark I had once done.

Her moans, screams, name calling, cursing and calls to the creator all stood against my goal. She was so intense that I failed to reach my mark. In a mind blowing moment I let go of my load in a final thrust and fell on top of the bed by her side breathing as if I was asked to chase a rabbit in the bushes. I don’t know how sleep swept me off but I think if she had wanted to cut off my head that night; I would have discovered it when that part was mentioned at my judgement in the afterlife.
I woke to the sound of the shower running. I dragged myself out of bed and decided to do some cleanup before she came out. It was a bit disturbing to only find one condom. I went through the entire room searching for at least one more, but it was only one. Heck, I shook my blanket so hard I think all the bedbugs fell out. Alas, only one condom found in that room. The thought that maybe she took one with her to the bathroom made me head straight to the bathroom.

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