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Hello guys, in this new article, I would be writing on how to recognize 2go guys in public groups and forums, 2go as we all know is a social platform in form of an application where you can get to meet friends, and chat with them, but this app has imprinted some funny characters into its users especially guys and that is what I will be writing about After some series of researches and observations, I came out with ways to recognize 2go guys in a public group or social sites, I mean a real 2go guy would have three or four of these traits if not all.

1.They term every group and forum “Room” : yes, whenever they are in a group, and they want to register their presence, they make use of the word room, they will be like “hi room”, “whats popping here roomies”, “wad up room” irrespective of where they are , whether they are in a Facebook group, whatsapp , nairaland etc..dont, blame them,this behaviour is gotten as a result of their occasional visits to 2go rooms

2. They ask a lady ist before they check her dp or add her : now this is what irks some people out (lol) when they chat with a lady in a public group, they are the set of people that will start begging or asking if they could check the dp( profile picture) of the girl, they are chatting with, they will be like” please can I check your dp?” “Can I add you” come on,! The feature is there for you to use, must you ask her before you check her dp? You don’t need to ask her before you add or follow her,

3.They are always asking for credit : as a result of begging for go credits in 2go rooms, the guys would carry these characters into other social apps and forums, they are type of guys you will see posting in a group” please I need credit” “Help a brother,share him credit”some of the funny replies they get in the groups are “guy,go and work”, “Hold up,am I ur father?” “Gerrarahere mehn”

4.They are the”thank you for adding me guys”: they thank every girl that add them and accept their request ,some would even go to the extent of praying and prophesying to the life of the girl..”thank you for adding me, I am so happy, may you fall into the well of happiness, may your enemies forget the address of your house” this is one of their numerous “thank you” lines

5.They change their statuses every time: these guys change their statuses every time as if there is no tomorrow, they could change it three to five times in a day, and the status updates are not really that necessary or sensible..e.g” I am chilling with my friend.celebration tinz” who cares if you are chilling with the people in your village? “off to work” no, come to my house.

6.The kick me out guys : when they are bored of the group e.g whatsapp, instead of exiting, they start posting gibberish words and jumble alphabets together e.g dsgettwjshsudk ,they also type kick me out etc, thinking they would be automatically kicked out, just like 2go, well if they are at it for some time,the admins would be vexed and will eventually remove them ,some would even think they were indeed kicked out by bots, just like 2go.

7.They look for $*xchat – after several futile attempts to get girls who would $*xchat with them in 2go romance rooms, they would go to other social platforms to see if they could get a catch, they are the ones you will see in a group asking these questions.”if you are looking for $exchat, add me up?” ” am Hot tonight”
(Pictorial evidence at source)

8.They are the champion of group and forum games.::they love playing forum and group games , some of their best games are fastest finger, FTC(first to comment) words unscrambling competitions..e.g unscramble these word “alniam” answer = animal.

9. They are online most of the times- it looks as if they spend their lives on social media, anytime you check their status, you will always see ‘online’

10. Add Yours

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