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9 Reasons Why University BSc Is Better Than Polytechnic HND
1 Quality of Lecturers – You can't usually review a knowledge and imagination of lecturers they have in a university environment to that of a polytechnic. Most university lecturers are professors and PhD holders with years of training joined with knowledge to uncover for it. In fact, many Master grade holders in some universities are small partner lecturers.

This is not so for a polytechnics where many of their supposed ‘experienced’ lecturers are small BSc holders who are university graduates. Most rectors of polytechnics are Msc holders, yet not all, usually a few are PhD holders. At times, even corps members harangue in some polytechnics.

2 Qualification For Entrance – The gift for opening into a university is some-more despotic compared to that of polytechnics. Obviously, JAMB UTME cut off for universities is rather high, during times, this leads to disappointment of jambites, that creates them review to polytechnics.

3 Funding From Government – Nigerian Universities are many some-more saved by supervision than polytechnics. Funding is one of a ways to establish a peculiarity of an institution.

If we notice, a supervision and a media in ubiquitous compensate some-more courtesy to a direct of ASUU over ASUP. Though, some universities competence confirm to play slight with a funds.

That is because products of universities are always lerned improved than those of polytechnics.

4 Research Work– Universities are a substructure of researches and this is a base of swell in institutions. Even yet a peculiarity of investigate work in Nigerian universities is poor, it is still distant improved compared to that of polytechnics that do really immaterial or handicapped investigate works.

5 Beautiful And Large Campus Environment – Mere structures and architectures of buildings in an establishment goes a prolonged approach in revelation about a peculiarity of such institution.

Taking OAU as an instance, either OAU is still a many pleasing campus in Africa or not is an evidence meant for another day. But No polytechnic in Nigeria can even contest with a establishment in terms of structures and a landmass.

6 Quality of students – It’s a no-brainier that a many shining students go to universities. In many polytechnics, all we see is morose and aged students who have taken JAMB UTME some-more than a integrate times yet no luck, afterwards resorted to such institution. Just few of polytechnic students are immature and smart, no hate.

7 Scholarships Preference – Reputable grant bodies frequency notice polytechnic students when it comes to grant offering. Only university undergraduates would have a event to request for such scholarships. Not usually during a undergraduate turn yet also postgraduate scholarships.

Meaning, there i frequency scholarships for polytechnic students. This is another form of taste in some sense.

8 Market Demand – Market welfare for BSc is distant aloft than for OND/HND. OND/HND holders are many times seen as center turn manpower yet that was a goal when polytechnics were primarily created.

There are some-more opportunities for BSc holders even outward a nation and universe wide.

9 Self Esteem – An normal BSc hilt tends to have some-more certainty and self-belief than a HND holder. This is however not a error of HND holders, they usually have to face unbending taste in a practice market, so carrying a disastrous impact on their self esteem.

These and some other reasons are because Polytechnic students are theme to discriminations anywhere to find themselves.

DISCLAIMER : This post is not in any approach meant to impress, annoy or make anyone feel depressed. It is usually a small regard from an normal tellurian being who is theme to flaws and firm to write whatsoever difference that form from a letters he substantially incidentally typed.

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